Destiny: The Taken King - Enemy of My Enemy - Echo of Oryx

Destiny: The Taken King - Enemy of My Enemy - Echo of Oryx

Attempt to glean information from the Cabal about Oryx and his defenses.

This guide will walk you through the Enemy of My Enemy mission in Destiny’s The Taken King quest. Your goal is to unleash an assault on the Cabal ship that crashed on the Dreadnaught, and then milk them for all the knowledge they have on Oryx.

For this mission, you must head back to the Hull Breach on the Dreadnaught where you fought the tank previously. Once you arrive, shoot the Cabal you see in the area to weaken them, causing the ship doors to open. Fight off the last of the Cabal near the entrance, and proceed through the door.

Continue to make your way through the passages of the ship. You eventually encounter a blue tinted room full of Cabal. Take them out with critical head shots, and then locate a small room with a terminal that you can scan with your Ghost. You discover that the Cabal have tracked down Oryx and are headed for his location near the center of the ship, and you’re going to intercept them before they do.

Follow the triangle on your map to continue through the corridors until you reach a sliding door at the mausoleum. Proceed into the room and prepare to vanquish any enemy you see, Cabal or Taken. Forget that saying about the ‘enemy of your enemy’. Your goal is to eliminate any enemies in your path to try to get to the rupture leading to Oryx.

Jump toward the Rupture to get a closer look at it, initiating the plan for your next move. Locate three statues in the area that you can scan with Ghost to glean more information about the Rupture. These can be somewhat difficult to see, so have your Fireteam split up and look for them. Pay close attention to the ground, as at least one is laying on its side against a wall. Once you finish scanning the final statue, head back toward the Rupture. A horde of Thrall come barreling through the portal, so prepare to deal with them accordingly. If you have yet to unleash your super ability, do so now, as there is nothing more satisfying than smashing a horde of Thrall with more firepower than is reasonably necessary.

After taking out the Thrall, an Echo of Oryx passes through the portal, as well as a slew of Taken. Since you are not an Ascendant Hive, you cannot pass through the Rupture portal yourself, foiling your initial plan. Instead, simply defeat the Echo of Oryx. We suggest aiming for his oversized heads, perhaps having two members of your Fireteam damage the boss while the other worries about the Taken minions who are swarming you. When the Echo of Oryx finally falls, the mission will come to an end.

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