Destiny: The Taken King - Fallen Saber Strike - Kill the Giant Shank

Destiny: The Taken King - Fallen Saber Strike - Kill the Giant Shank

Kill the giant Shank, Saber-2, to complete the Strike.

This walkthrough will cover the Fallen Saber Strike that is part of the Destiny: The Taken King DLC. This includes defending the Warsat, disrupting Rasputin’s defenses, shutting down the power, and how to destroy the giant Shank, Saber-2. It is advised that your Fireteam brings all three classes of characters with them, as these are designed to work together to bring down bosses.

When you spawn in, summon your sparrow and drive it off the cliff and into the water. In front of you will be a hill, and you’ll need to swing around and continue to follow the path that runs along the coast. If you’re having trouble finding where you need to be, bring up your Ghost and follow the waypoints that show up on your HUD. This will eventually lead you to the Grottos.

Continue to follow the waypoints until you reach the location of the Warsat that Rasputin is dropping from Orbit. It should be atop the cliff when the path through the Grottos ends. When the Warsat falls, prepare to defend it from Taken enemies. Stick inside the ring and wait for the Transmitting Warsat progress to reach 100. Once it does, drop off the edge of the cliff and prepare to enter the Mine.

Once you’re inside the Mine you’ll want to continue to follow your waypoints until you reach a room with catwalks on the left and right sides, as well as a path that runs through the middle and to a large pillar in the center. Your objective will be to Disrupt Rasputin’s Defenses, but before you do that you’ll need to slaughter all the enemies in the room. This will include Exploder Shanks, Vandals, and every other type of Fallen enemy that you’ve come to hate since the release of House of Wolves.

After the room is clear, move to the far end (opposite of where you entered and beyond the pillar) and look for a message that says the coolant vent is exposed. You’ll see a hole open up, and all you have to do is toss a grenade down it. This should be enough to Disrupt Rasputin’s Defenses.

Turn around and head toward the side of the room that you originally entered by, turning left just before you reach the door you walked through to get here. There will be a ventilation shaft that you can climb inside. Do so, and then shoot the loose floor panel to drop down.

Your objective will soon update and require you to Shut Down the Power. This is where you’ll see a room with electrical current passing from left to right. To get past this, have one of your Fireteam members turn left and head for the waypoint. When they arrive there will be a Relic. Have them pick it up, and then backtrack to the new waypoint on their map. When they place the Relic at the objective marker the electrical current will shut down and you’ll be safe to move around. If you’re having trouble with this part, have one person go for the Relic, and the other two stand in the middle and shoot all the Exploder Shanks that are spawning in.

Continue to make your way through the bunker, slaying any foes that dare stand in your way. There are no more tricks for now, so just keep tabs on your waypoints using your Ghost, picking up all the ammo you can. As soon as you slide down a slanted wall, you’ll be ready for the boss fight.

Destroy the Saber-2

There are two areas of this room that you should stand in. One is immediately to your right when you drop into the room, and the other is the next wall if you make your way around in a counter-clockwise fashion. Which section you stand in depends entirely on where the Saber-2 is, as you’ll want to keep your distance.

When the giant Shank finally spawns, focus your fire on it just as you would any other boss. Just be very careful about the adds that spawn in, which tend to be various types of Shanks. When Saber-2 appears to grin and show its teeth, shoot it there, as that is the critical hit point.

Of course, you’re playing The Taken King and have lots of new super abilities to try out, so have your Hunter - Nightstalker fire their Shadowshot to tether Saber-2 to the ground. From here, have your Sunbreaker and Stormcaller follow up with their own super abilities, and this fight will be over before it gets a chance to begin. Unfortunately, this is not a great place to use the sword that we showed you how to find.

If you have other business to finish up with The Taken King, be sure to spend a moment browsing through our Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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