Destiny: The Taken King - Find Oryx’s Basketball Court

Destiny: The Taken King - Find Oryx’s Basketball Court

Take a break from killing to play some hoops.

Dedicated Destiny players have recently discovered a secret room in the King’s Fall Raid of The Taken King. This mysterious room has sparked a huge wave of curiosity amongst Destiny fans, and in merely a few days the Destiny community has unearthed quite a bit of information about the secret chamber.

The secret room features a Relic that can be dunked into a statue in the center of the room, as well as several lift vents that help thrust the player into the air to effectively dunk the Relic. Hitting the statue with the Relic will cause a series of symbols to light up on some stone tablets in the corner of the room. Once you illuminate all of the symbols on the tablets, you will receive an Overcharge buff that increases your default movement speed for about 20 seconds.

That’s about it. We don’t have any more information about the purpose of this room other than it being a nifty rendition of Hive basketball. In fact, Bungie’s Luke Smith confirmed on Twitter that this mysterious room is nothing more than an Easter Egg, referring to the room as “Oryx’s Basketball Court”. There’s supposedly no loot to discover, and no other secrets to reveal. However, if you’ve been around Destiny long enough you may take that information with a grain of salt, since there have been other Destiny secrets in the past that turned out to be much more.

How to Reach Oryx's Basketball Court

If you want to check out this mysterious room for yourself, you’ll need to organize decent fireteam to help unlock access to the room. Keep in mind that the steps involved in reaching this room are not entirely confirmed as of yet. We can only tell you the steps that worked for other players. If more definitive instructions are revealed, we will update this accordingly.

First, head to the King’s Fall Raid and proceed to defeat the Warpriest and Golgoroth. Continue until you reach the jump puzzle where the pistons are shooting out from the walls. Look across the chasm and locate several spikes sticking out from the walls. Although there are many spikes throughout the area, these particular ones will have glowing blue cores. Each of these spikes will also have a set of non-glowing spikes protruding just beneath them that you can jump to and stand on. The quantity of these lower spikes indicates the number for each glowing blue spike above them.

As you approach the glowing spikes, their color will change from blue to orange, indicating that you’ve essentially ‘activated’ the spike. To reveal the secret room, you must activate each spike in a certain order. So far, players have found two sequences for activating the spikes: 416523 and 165243. Just try both to see which one works for your team.

After activating the spikes in the correct sequence, you will notice a new piston will begin moving just beside the entrance to the area. The secret room is just across from the entrance. One way to reach the room is to hop on top of this new piston, and use the Bladedancer Super ability to leap across the chasm when the piston fires. You can also jump up the wall until you can stand on top of a wire just across from the secret room, and use your Bladedancer ability to leap and slash over the chasm from there. Only one member of your team needs to reach the room in order for several rock platforms to spawn, allowing the other teammates to jump up to the room.

If you need a visual guide to help you reach the secret room, we have attached a video by YouTube user “My name is Byf” that does a decent job at outlining the steps you need to take.

The Oryx Basketball Court seems a bit too elaborate to just be a functionless Easter Egg. Even if this secret chamber really does turn out to be nothing substantial, its mysterious nature will surely keep curious Destiny fans entertained for at least a little while longer.

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