Destiny: The Taken King - How to Get the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle

Destiny: The Taken King - How to Get the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle

Unlock the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle.

For this guide, we will show you how to obtain the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle. This sleek new weapon boasts a Kinetic damage attack stat of 290. Its speedy reload and high stopping power make it a great alternative to the Vision of Confluence and MIDA Multi-Tool, and can even be used as a sniper rifle with the right setup. The Boolean Gemini is one of the higher quality Scout Rifles for Destiny’s Year Two, and has essentially replaced the 347 Vesta Dynasty. If you’re ready to add this new weapon to your arsenal, then continue to follow along.

To obtain the Boolean Gemini, you must complete a few quest chains as well as reach a Queen’s Wrath rank of three or higher. Then, simply head over to the Reef to claim the weapon from Petra Venj. The quests themselves are actually quite easy, but you may need some guidance on which quests to complete. Follow our steps and you’ll secure the Boolean Gemini in no time.

The Taken War: Petra

Once you have completed the main story quest for The Taken King, a new quest will become available called The Taken War: Petra. Head over to the Reef and speak with both Petra and Variks to begin a series of missions. You will essentially be given the same set of objectives to complete in three different locations, and this will open up the next part of the quest chain. Completing this initial quest will grant you additional experience and will increase your reputation for both Queen’s Wrath and House of Judgment.

First, you must complete a mission called Taken Assault: Earth. Prepare to head down to the Cosmodrome on Patrol Mode. Your objective is to defeat two Taken Champions, while gathering various resources in the process. The resources drop by killing Fallen and Taken enemies, so you should be able to easily obtain the necessary items.

When these conditions are met, return to the Reef to speak with Variks and Petra once again, and you will be assigned another similar mission called Taken Assault: Venus. The objective is the same, only this time it’s on Venus. Defeat several Taken and Fallen enemies, as well as two Taken Champions of your choice. Return to Variks and Petra once more, and head over to Mars to repeat the same steps to complete the Taken Assault: Mars. Afterward, speak with Petra one last time to complete The Taken War: Petra quest.

Lost and Found

You’re one step closer to earning the Boolean Gemini. With The Taken War: Petra quest completed, a new quest called Lost and Found will become available. For this quest, you will need access to Dreadnaught Patrol. If you haven’t done so, complete the Dread Patrol mission before continuing further.

Your first objective for the Lost and Found quest is to scour the Dreadnaught and defeat various enemies on Patrol mode. More specifically, you must defeat 50 enemies in each of these locations: Hull Breach, Mausoleum, and Hall of Souls.

Get your Reciprocal Runes ready, because the next objective is to search the Court. Basically you must participate in Court of Oryx battles until you obtain a Tech Witch’s Brooch through a random loot drop. Just continue playing the Court of Oryx until you get this item. Then, return to the Reef to speak with Petra to complete the quest and earn yourself some additional Queen’s Wrath reputation and experience.

The Wolves of Mars

With Petra’s missions out of the way, you can proceed to the final segment of the quest chain. Speak with Variks, and he will assign you a mission called The Wolves of Mars. This quest is actually available once you complete The Taken War: Petra, but we advise you to finish Lost and Found first. Upon completion of this quest, you will earn increased experience and reputation for the House of Judgment, as well as two armor upgrades.

The first objective is to Thin the Pack. To do so, you must kill 300 Fallen troops at each of the following locations: Earth, Moon, and Venus. Keep in mind that defeating Majors and Ultras will count toward extra credit.

Now you’ll be spending some quality time on Mars, so hopefully you like the place. For the next objective, you must hunt and kill the Archon Priest at the Rubicon Wastes on Mars. Begin by heading to Mars via Patrol mode. From the Patrol starting point in the Barrens, continue on to the Scablands. Turn right, and enter the wall leading to Firebase Rubicon. Pass through the large tunnel and continue until you reach the Rubicon Wastes. Face the gate to the Iron Line, and take a left turn. A few steps ahead you’ll see a circular structure with a few Fallen troops on the other side. You’ll also be notified that a pack of wolves are prowling. Eliminate these Fallen enemies and the Archon Priest will arrive. You may need to wait around in the Rubicon Wastes for a bit, but the Archon Priest will eventually show up.

Once you defeat the Archon Priest, head back to the Reef to speak with Variks. He will send you back to Mars to complete a story mission called A New Den, where you must eliminate three waves of enemies at the Iron Line.

Afterward, speak with Variks again, and head back to Mars for another story mission titled Knock Knock. This involves taking down a Walker with the use of Interceptors when necessary. When finished, return to Variks and prepare to embark on one final story mission, called Prime’s Path.

In Prime’s Path, you must return to Mars and head the Legion Keep to defeat a boss named Orbiks Prime. Keep an eye out for his teleport, and you should have little trouble slaying this Fallen foe. Go back to the Reef and speak to Variks one more time to conclude the quest.

Obtain Rank Three in the Queen’s Wrath Faction

This concludes the quest chain to obtain the Boolean Gemini. If you are a seasoned player, you likely have a high enough Queen’s Wrath rank to earn the Boolean Gemini, in which case you can simply speak to Petra upon completing the previous quests to receive your new shiny weapon. If not, then you’ll need to increase your Queen’s Wrath rank to at least level three by completing the House of Wolves story missions. You can also complete the various Bounties occasionally offered by Petra. Keep at it, and the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle will soon be yours.

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