Destiny: The Taken King - How to Infuse Weapons and Armor

Infuse Weapons and Armor to raise their values.

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This article will explain the all the steps required to Infuse gear in Destiny: The Taken King. This includes both Weapons and Armor, as well as explaining the requirements to ensure the infusion is successful. When done correctly and used intelligently, choosing to Infuse certain Armor and Weapons can help to raise your Light level, unlocking more difficult activities.

Reasons for Infusing Gear

The primary reason to Infuse a piece of gear with another is because you prefer the one with the lower Attack or Defense rating, and would like to boost those values up and increase their Light level in the process.

A perfect example of this is the Void Edge sword that we showed you how to unlock recently. That weapon starts out with an attack rating of 220, but as you’ll learn while playing The Taken King, that value is far below what is considered competitive in most activities.

If you want to raise the Attack value of that Void Edge sword, you would have to find another Heavy Weapon that had a higher Attack rating. Let’s say that it’s a Machine Gun that has a 255 Attack. You can Infuse that Machine Gun into your Void Edge sword, raising the Attack value of the sword above its current rating of 220. You won’t get it all the way up to 255 in one shot (at least we haven’t), but you will give it a nice bump and make it more effective.

Requirements for Infusing Gear

These seem overwhelming at first, but ensuring that two Weapons or pieces of Armor are compatible isn’t really that difficult. You just have to be mindful of the following points.

  • The gear to be infused must have the lower Attack or Defense rating.
  • The gear to be dismantled must have the higher Attack or Defense rating.
  • Both pieces of gear must be from the same Year. Most likely Year 2.
  • Both pieces of gear must be from the same slot, such as Heavy Weapons.
  • The gear to be dismantled must be unlocked and cannot be equipped.
  • You can Infuse a Rare into a Legendary or Exotic piece of gear.
  • You cannot Infuse any other weapons or armor into a Rare piece of gear.

Resources Needed for Infusing Gear

This can get a little bit expensive if you plan to do it a lot. To Infuse our Void Edge, we had to fork over 250 Glimmer, 10 Weapon Parts, 1 Mote of Light and 3 Legendary Marks. It may not seem like a lot now, but once you Infuse something four or five times, you’ll start to see the damage being done to your vault and inventory. It’s for this reason that you should try to plan ahead, only Infusing Weapons and Armor that you intend to keep around for a long time… like your wicked cool sword.

Steps to Infuse Weapons or Armor

Take whatever gear you wish to boost the Attack or Defense value of and put it into your active slot. As the screenshots in this article reflect, let’s assume that’s a 247 Attack Void Edge that makes its home in the Heavy slot. Next you’ll want to make sure you have another weapon from the same category, and that weapon must have a higher Attack rating than the Void Edge sword. Using our screenshots again, let’s say this is a Machine Gun with a 255 Attack.

Next you’ll want to verify that both pieces of gear are from the same year. If you see The Taken King symbol in the top right of the thumbnail for each piece, you’re on the right track. Before you go any further, however, check that your higher level gear (in our case, the 255 Attack Machine Gun) is not locked and can be dismantled (don’t dismantle it yet).

Move your cursor over the equipped Weapon that you want to Infuse (in our case, the Void Edge) and press the corresponding button for Details. This will bring up a screen with its various perks, and in the bottom left you should see an option that will allow you to Infuse. This will also list the required materials that you must have. If you do you can press the button to Select.

When you get to the next screen you’ll see a warning that details pretty much everything we just said, and it will show the Weapons that you can dismantle as part of the Infusion. Find the one you had picked out (our Machine Gun with 255 Attack), move your cursor over it, and then choose the option to Dismantle for Infusion. When you return to your Character screen and hover over the weapon that was Infused, you should now see a higher Attack value. In our case this was a 253 Void Edge, rather than the 247 Void Edge that we started with.

That should be the end of the process, and from here you will be able to play around with the mechanic and become an expert. Just remember to plan your Infusions carefully, otherwise you’ll just be a broke Guardian with a cool sword (or whatever it was you Infused).

If you plan to spend some more time getting acquainted with The Taken King, be sure to stop by and check out our Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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