Destiny: The Taken King - Last Rites - Crota’s Soul

Destiny: The Taken King - Last Rites - Crota’s Soul

Infiltrate the Hellmouth to steal a portion of Crota’s soul.

This guide will show you how to complete the Last Rites mission of Destiny’s The Taken King main quest. Now that you have some handy stealth tech at your disposal, it’s time to return to the Moon for a second shot at stealing Crota’s soul.

The route that you’ll be running is the same as the Crota’s End Raid. If you have spent a lot of time in there in the past, this should be fairly routine for you. If you’ve never tried that Raid, spend a bit of time poking around and looking for Dead Ghosts. There is at least one in the left side room across the area from where you steal a portion of Crota’s soul.

Fly down to the Moon and prepare for another trek into the Hellmouth. The goal is to trap a sliver of Crota’s soul in the crystal you snagged earlier. Your new cloaking gear should provide the stealth needed to infiltrate the Hive’s death ceremony.

The mission begins at the Stills on the Moon. From the starting point, run forward across the bridge ahead and into the light. Once you reach the other side, Ghost will automatically cloak you.

Head outside to the Oversoul Throne from the Crota’s End raid. There’s Swordbearers, Wizards, and various other enemies wandering around. Don’t engage. This is a stealth mission, after all. Sneak past the enemies and head toward the left side of the bridge. Keep in mind that the enemies can still smell you, so be sure to keep your distance. If you’re not sure exactly how close you can get, look for a red mist that surrounds the enemies. You can’t be inside that zone.

Locate the Tomb Husk Relic and bring it to the front of the bridge to summon it. Once the bridge forms, run across and into the glowing doors ahead, making sure to stay out of enemy range.

Head down the corridor on the left and follow the cry of the Deathsingers. Drop down a hole at the end of the passage, and proceed to Crota’s Tomb in the next room.

Move along the stairs on the side to sneak up to Crota’s Tomb and extract his essence. Afterwards, your cloaking gets removed and you are suddenly exposed. Fight off several hordes of Taken and fend for your life with everything you’ve got. Survive long enough for Eris to extract you, and the mission concludes. We suggest moving to the rooms on the opposite side of the area from where you stole Crota’s soul, as you can filter any aggressive enemies into a kill zone rather than get attacked from all angles outside.

If you’re looking to finish the DLC story missions off, continue to Destiny: The Taken King: Regicide, or return to the Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide if you need to catch your breath. Either way, we’ve got your back.

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