Destiny: The Taken King - Regicide - Defeat Oryx

Destiny: The Taken King - Regicide - Defeat Oryx

Return to the Dreadnaught to battle the Taken King.

The time has come to try to eliminate Oryx once and for all. This guide will help you complete the Regicide mission of Destiny’s The Taken King main quest. With a portion of Crota’s soul intact, your goal is to become Ascendant and pass through the Rupture to put an end to the Taken King’s reign.

Begin this mission by flying down to the Hull Breach on the Dreadnaught. Follow the arrow indicator on your map to guide you through the wreckage once again. Once you reach the Mausoleum, fight off the enemy Cabal and head toward the Rupture near the center of the room. As you approach the Rupture, it senses Crota’s soul and recognizes you as Ascendant. Enter the Rupture to transport to the Founts.

Continue down the corridor leading to the Asylum, taking a moment to enjoy the nice progressive lighting along the way. Prepare to battle a slew of Taken Hobgoblins in the Asylum, firing from a distance and taking cover if necessary. Clearing out the Taken enemies causes the large glowing door to open. Head through, and get ready to fight.

A shadowy visage of Oryx appears long enough to deem you an unworthy adversary, and instead spawns in a few familiar bosses. Taken versions of Ta’aun and Baxx emerge from the portal for you to battle. Unleash some heavy firepower on these foes, and use the rocks in the room for cover if necessary. Ta’aun may emerge from the portal first, so focus on damaging him before Baxx arrives to eliminate him a bit quicker.

Once you’ve defeated these lesser bosses, head through the next Rupture. Move forward and through a yellowish corridor leading to the Trenchway. Wait for a bridge to form, allowing you to cross the chasm. Enter the narrow doorway and locate a small white flame on the ground. Walk into the white flame, causing it to open a doorway to the Altar of Oryx. Enter the doors, and prepare to battle the Taken King!

Oryx benefits from the power of Darkness. As a result, he is able to drain your Light if you allow yourself to get hit. Oryx teleports between several platforms, so take cover accordingly behind nearby barricades. He will also summon several waves of Taken to harass you during the fight. Focus on eliminating the adds, and turn your attention back to Oryx.

Continue dealing damage to Oryx to deplete his life. When he has about a quarter of his health bar left, you will suddenly be teleported to a mist-filled room. Oryx will remain shrouded in mist where he is immune to your shots. Focus on eliminating the Taken enemies first, as this will cause Oryx to emerge from the mist and allow you to attack. Your best bet here is a Hunter with Shadowshot. This super ability will allow you to tether Oryx to the ground when he emerges from the mist, giving your fire team the opportunity to deal some major damage.

When you’ve defeated Oryx, he will vanish. The mission concludes with a final cut scene of Eris commenting on Oryx’s sword. Return to the Tower and stop by the Vanguards to retrieve your well-earned gear. Now, it’s time to take on some Strikes!

The story doesn’t end there, as this DLC has endless quests and activities to keep you busy. Return to the Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide and we’ll get you started.

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