Destiny: The Taken King Subclass and Super Guide

Destiny: The Taken King Subclass and Super Guide

Details on the upcoming DLC, including three new subclasses.

There were more than a few Destiny fans that felt the House of Wolves expansion was lacking in content due to the decision not to introduce a new Raid. It’s definitely a fair criticism, and it appears Bungie has listened to the feedback. When The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015, they aren’t just adding a new Raid, some gear, and a couple new Crucible maps, they are completely changing the way Destiny will be played.

In addition to the two subclasses that are currently available to Hunters, Warlocks and Titans, Bungie will add a third to each, giving gamers different options for how they choose to approach the new content. This is particularly impactful because for the last year, hardcore Destiny players have spent countless hours perfecting strategies for just about everything you can imagine. Come this fall, however, they will have several new factors to consider in their preparations.

Titan - Sunbreaker

The Sunbreaker will be the third subclass for the Titan, bringing with it the ability for Guardians to engage their enemies from afar. This is actually a bit of a shift for the Titan, as previous play styles often included more close combat. When you begin using the Titan again with The Taken King DLC, here is what you can expect to find.

  • Super: Hammer of Sol – Titans will be able to summon a flaming hammer that is capable of destroying multiple foes at the same time.
  • Thermite Grenade – When this grenade explodes, it sends a line of fire directly toward your intended target.
  • Sunstrike – The Sunstrike will allow Titans to ignite their enemies using a heavy solar strike.
  • Fire Keeper – Fire Keeper will allow the Hammer of Sol to last longer, and get the benefit of an over shield if you’re standing close enough to a Sunspot.

Hunter – Nightstalker

This image shows a Hunter taking advantage of the new Shadowshot Super that comes with the Nighstalker subclass.

Although Hunters happen to be our favorite class of Guardian, there was a time when this was thought of as the least effective of all the classes. That has changed in recent months, but it’s about to change again when Hunters get a third subclass to take into battle. Here is what players have to look forward to with the upcoming expansion.

  • Super: Shadowshot – When a Hunter uses Shadowshot, it will tether foes to a Void Anchor, restricting their movement and giving the rest of your fire team a chance to attack.
  • Voidwall Grenade – The Voidwall grenade will create a horizontal wall of burning Void Light. We’re not sure how effective it will be, but it sounds pretty cool.
  • Smoke – Hunters will now be able to throw smoke that slows and disorients any enemies that are unlucky enough to find themselves within its cloud.
  • Shadestep – Hunters will be able to gain an evade that allows them to avoid damage. Perfect for Guardians like us that bite off more than they can chew.

Warlock – Stormcaller

Although the Warlocks are our least favorite class to play as, we won’t argue that there is some definite upside to their abilities. This trend will continue with The Taken King DLC this September, as Warlocks everywhere will be working closely with Arc in order to bring their enemies to their knees. Here is what you can expect from the Stormcaller subclass.

  • Super: Stormtrance – This Super will allow Warlocks to chain Arc Lightning from their hands, dealing massive damage to any enemy that gets in the way.
  • Storm Grenade – When thrown, this grenade will call down a localized lightning storm. There’s nothing quite like attacking your foes with bad weather.
  • Thunderstrike – Not to be confused with Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Thunderstrike will deliver an electrocuting melee strike from an extended range.
  • Perpetual Charge – This might be one of the more useful options of all three new subclasses, as getting a melee kill will recharge your grenade, and getting a grenade kill will recharge your melee. The possibilities for destruction are nearly endless.

That’s all the information we have on The Taken King and the new subclasses for now, but you still have plenty of time to prepare. If you’ve let Destiny drift away recently, try picking it back up with some help from our guides, like How to Find All 20 Gold Chests, or The Dark Below Leveling and Strategy Guide.

If you're looking to get caught up on everything there is to know about The Taken King, you can visit our Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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