Destiny: The Taken King - The Coming War - Syrok

Destiny: The Taken King - The Coming War - Syrok

Infiltrate the Cabal base to get a glimpse of Oryx and his Taken Army.

This guide will walk you through The Coming War, the first mission of The Taken King quest in Destiny. In the prologue we are introduced to The Taken King himself, Oryx, as an army of Awoken are attacking his Dreadnaught. It is our first taste of what this new expansion has to offer, and what Oryx is capable of. So far it’s off to an intriguing start.

The Coming War begins with a distress signal from the Cabal base on Phobos, one of Saturn’s multitude of moons. You know that if the Cabal are calling for help, it must be a pretty dire situation.

After dropping down on Phobos, you must infiltrate the base where the Cabal are being attacked. Go forward from the landing area, noting the trail of bodies as you head up the path. As you approach the entrance to the base you will briefly be reminded how to bring up your Ghost Link, in case you somehow forgot.

Head through the entrance and begin to investigate the base. Move into the room on your right, noticing several strange gobs of sparkly galactic space matter and debris lining the hallway. Eris Morn’s cryptic comments add an eerie layer to the suspense as you move forward.

Continue to make your way through the corridor until you reach a circular room, where you encounter Oryx. Well, sort of. Here is your first encounter with the vile, corrupt army known as the Taken. Oryx summons Syrok, as well as a handful of Taken Psion minions. Stay calm, and open fire on the Word of Oryx to begin taking down his health bar. Keep moving, and hide behind cover to avoid Syrok’s fire blasts. If you were able to reach at least level 34 prior to starting this expansion, battling these foes won’t be too difficult.

You should be able to take down this mini boss rather easily. Afterward, prepare to fight off more Taken as you escape the base. Backtrack the way you came, gunning down the series of Taken you encounter along the way. Keep in mind that the Taken Phalanxes can knock you back with their shields, but if you are a high enough level then this should pose little trouble.

Head outside and continue to fight off the Taken until you reach your ship. Approach your ship to leave the area and complete the mission. The Coming War concludes with a brief cut scene showing the Taken loyally bowing to Oryx. We also glean some new information about the Taken during a conversation held by the Vanguard, where they debate whether or not to send a Guardian to the Dreadnaught. I’m sure you can guess who that’s going to be.

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