Destiny - Weksis, the Meek Bounty

Destiny - Weksis, the Meek Bounty

Hunt and kill Weksis the Meek on the Moon.

This article will show you how to find Weksis, the Meek, a Dreg that can be found hiding out at Archer’s Line on the Moon. This Queen’s Wrath bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC and can be obtained from Petra Venj at the Reef.

Begin by visiting the Reef and picking up the six bounties that Petra Venj has available that day. She will normally have three that are for targets which will give you an Ether Key, and three that are for targets that will not. Weksis, the Meek is a bounty that gives you an Ether Key, which means that this foe is worth finding and killing even if the bounty isn’t in your inventory. Of course, if you are trying to find the bounty and Petra Venj isn’t currently offering it, you’ll have to check back when her stock refreshes each Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST.

Wanted: Weksis, the Meek

  • XP: 4,500
  • QW Reputation: 250

When you’re ready, take your team to Orbit and begin debating who has the coolest ship. Once you have figured that out, make your way to the Moon, choosing the Patrol option. This will spawn you in at Archer’s Line, which is exactly where you need to be. Just up the hill in front of you is an overhead track that travels the entire length of Archer’s Line. The event can take place at either end. All you need to do is wait for a message on your screen that says a pack of wolves is prowling. At that point you need to find a Fallen Skiff that is dropping off your first wave of enemies.

Make your way to the area where the battle will take place and eliminate the first wave. The two enemies of interest are the Scorch Captains, who are each carrying a 10 round Scorch Cannon. These can be used to blast through several waves of your foes, meaning you likely won’t have to use your own weapons until you reach the final wave.

The final wave will have Weksis, the Meek. This Dreg is going to be hard to kill, but you can easily manage if you soften him up with your Super Ability, Grenade and a batch of Heavy Ammunition. When you are down to your Primary Weapon and Special Weapon, we like something of the Hand Cannon variety. This allows for critical hits to your foe’s head. If you have a powerful Shotgun, you can use this to really chew Weksis, the Meek up in a hurry.

When the battle ends you will receive an Ether Key, as well as message notifying you that you have 90 seconds to use it. You have until that timer reaches zero to find and loot a chest for some additional rewards, although this is not part of the bounty given to you by Petra Venj. That is complete when you kill Weksis, the Meek.

The chest can spawn in the following locations:

  • To the right of the door that you first pass through during the story mission, The Dark Below.
  • As you reach the top of the hill from your spawn, a few feet in front of you and under the track.
  • On top of the track, more to the right side as you reach the top of the hill from your spawn.
  • Next to the building with the broken dome made up of glass triangles. Right beside a large utility pole.
  • From your spawn, move up the hill and follow the track all the way to the right. It’s underneath it at the end.

When you have looted the chest and accomplished all of your goals on the Moon, set a course for the Reef and turn the completed bounty in to Petra Venj. You’ll receive the rewards we outlined above for XP and Queen’s Wrath Reputation, as well as whatever you grabbed with the Ether Key.

For more help with Queen’s Wrath bounties, be sure to visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide.

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