Destiny - Wolf Enforcer Bounty

Destiny - Wolf Enforcer Bounty

Kill the Wolf Enforcer on Earth.

This page will show you how to find and kill the Wolf Enforcer by visiting the Blast on Earth. This Queen’s Wrath Bounty is given by Petra Venj and is part of the House of Wolves DLC in Destiny.

Let us start off by saying that if you don’t have a Bounty for this target, they really aren’t worth the trouble to track down and kill. There is no Ether Key, and thus no chest to open after the event is over. The only thing you have to gain is Queen’s Wrath reputation, as well as XP that you get for turning the completed Bounty in to Petra Venj. If she doesn’t have the Bounty in stock, wait for the weekly reset on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST.

Wanted: Wolf Enforcer

  • XP: 3,500
  • QW Reputation: 100

Start off by leaving The Reef and going to Orbit. You need to set a course for Earth, choosing the Patrol option that will spawn you in at The Steppes. From here you want to summon your Sparrow, turn around and go into the building behind you. Ride all the way through to the Divide, and then all the way through that to the Rocket Yard. This will be the spot that The Devil’s Lair Strike begins, and you need to follow the path exactly as you would if you were playing through that. In fact, you are looking for the exact location that you fight the Devil Walker.

As you enter that area, turn to your left and you’ll see a building in the corner. The Wolf Enforcer is right beside that building, but of course there are loads of Fallen foes running about as well. You can ignore them for the most part, but be cautious not to get the attention of the Devil Walker. Yes, much to our surprise that particular enemy is actually here while you’re on the Patrol mission.

To kill the Wolf Enforcer, our tip would be to use a Sniper Rifle called Shadow of Veils. You don’t have to, but it will demolish this enemy in only two or three shots. If you don’t have it, go with whatever works, including your Grenade, Super Ability, Heavy Weapon and Special Weapon. It really doesn’t matter, and any Guardian that is near or above Light level 30 should be able to solo this without too much trouble. Even an Ice Breaker should do the trick, even though it doesn’t deliver Arc damage.

When your foe falls you will get a notification that the Bounty is completed. You can either keep running around Earth, in which case you might find value in our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide, or you can head back to The Reef and speak with Petra Venj. It’s there that you can turn in the Bounty for a reward, which as we’ve indicated above is only XP and Queen’s Wrath reputation. We have no scientific data to back this up, but we always feel that turning in multiple Bounties at once is more beneficial than one at a time.

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