Destiny - Wolf High Servitor Bounty

Destiny - Wolf High Servitor Bounty

Find the Wolf High Servitor at the Temple of Crota.

This page will show you where to find the Wolf High Servitor at the Temple of Crota, located on the Moon. This bounty is part of the Queen’s Wrath, and can be obtained by visiting Petra Venj at the Reef.

You can pick this bounty up by visiting the Reef and speaking with Petra Venj. She is just off to the left and up some stairs when you spawn in. Each week she will offer six bounties, three for targets that provide you with an Ether Key, and three that will not. This bounty falls into the latter, meaning it is not worth doing at all unless you have the bounty in your inventory. If you’re looking for it and it’s not there, check back at 5:00 AM EST each Tuesday. This is when Petra Venj’s stock refreshes.

Wanted: Wolf High Servitor

  • XP: 3,500
  • QW Reputation: 100

Take your Fireteam to Orbit and choose the Patrol option on the Moon. This will spawn you in at Archer’s Line, and if you summon your Sparrow you can be at your destination in about a minute. Ride up the hill and hang a right, following the winding path until you arrive at the Anchor of Light. You will see a building in front of you that is round on top with a thin pole supporting it in the center. It almost looks like a platter. Drive just past this and turn right before you reach the next building on your right. This path will lead you to the edge of a cliff, and an area where you can hop up on a small rock ledge to continue down a path. If you take this path you will reach the Temple of Crota.

When you arrive at the Temple of Crota you will see the door that leads inside in the distance in front of you. Stay at the back and follow the path as it winds around the area to the right. As you are doing so, look for another path that splits off and goes up the hill to the right. We never even knew this was there until recently, but at the top of the hill is where you’ll find the Wolf High Servitor.

Your enemy has a few friends that you need to deal with, but this is nothing that a Grenade, Super Ability or Heavy Weapon can’t deal with. When the Wolf High Servitor is alone, put shots into its eye for critical hits, and before long you’ll see that it drops dead and the bounty pops up complete. As mentioned, you do not get an Ether Key and cannot open a chest for your work, so there is little point in doing this if you aren’t holding the bounty.

Make your way back to the Reef and turn the bounty over to Petra Venj. If you’d rather stay out and finish the other five she has, we strongly urge you to read our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide for help finding and killing the rest of your targets.

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