Destiny Comes to an End with the Age of Triumph

Destiny's ultimate update brings back classic raids, and features a massive new achievement book.

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As Destiny approaches the twilight of its three-year lifespan, details emerged today regarding the game's final update – the Age of Triumph.

In an hour-long livestream, Destiny developers Joe Blackburn and Ryan Paradis, and Bungie community manager David "DeeJ" Dague outlined what players can expect from the Age of Triumph when it launches on March 28th. The biggest news is that old raids are being brought back, and showcased as weekly challenges. Expect to see the return of Wrath of the Machine, Crota's End, King's Fall, and the classic Vault of Glass at a new light level of 390, meaning that they'll pack a fairly stiff challenge for most players.

The good thing about this quartet of newly-refreshed raids is that they'll feature updated, "generous as heck" loot tables that will drop items at a light level of up to 400. It doesn't sound like there will be any new weapons or armor to collect, but classic gear will be updated, and there will also be new ghost skins and sparrows to earn by playing through the dungeons in challenge mode.

The other major feature of Age of Triumph is a new record book. This will track what you've achieved while playing the game over the years, and includes pages dedicated to classes, raids, strikes, factions, and crucible activities, as well as collectibles, and finding notable locations in the game. There are all manner of rewards up for grabs for completing the different objectives outlined in the book, and fortunately all achievements are account-wide, so it doesn't matter which of your characters you used to get them.

A rather neat aspect of the Age of Triumph record book is that if you manage to beat enough of its achievements to reach Rank 7, you'll be linked to a page on Bungie's website that will enable you to buy an exclusive Destiny t-shirt that'll feature your PSN/XBL ID on the left sleeve.

More good news for Destiny players was articulated in an interview on IGN today, in which Deej said that Bungie will continue to support the original Destiny for the "foreseeable future." So even though the game won't feature anything new, all your characters and hard-earned loot will be available to play for a good few years at least.

That'll give you plenty of time to transition to Destiny 2, which will enable players to import their characters' appearances from the original game – although you won't be able to bring across any prior-earned weapons and armor.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 A year ago
    Bummer this appears to be focused so much on raids. I'll probably never actually do any of it.
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  • Avatar for Thetick #2 Thetick A year ago
    Looking forward to this!
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #3 Jaz_Rignall A year ago
    @Roto13 Yeah. It sounds like you're in the same boat as me. Whenever I play, nobody I know is around to join me. I wish Bungie would make an easier version of raids that you could tackle with a pick-up group. I don't even care that much about the loot - I just want to see what they're like to play.
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #4 WiIIyTheAntelope A year ago
    Grind for endless hours and the ultimate reward ends up being....a chance to buy a (what will doubtlessly be horrendously overpriced) t-shirt.

    Glad I saw the writing on the wall the first year.
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  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond #5 ShadowTheSecond A year ago
    My main raid group is prettt excited about Vault of Glass coming back. There used to be about three different groups that a friend and I would float between in Destiny, but now it's pretty much back to a core group of 6-8 of use. We usually just do the raids when at least four of us can be on, and fill in a couple spots with LFH or the Tower if needed.

    Other than a friend I already knew, I met the core group through Destiny when Vault of Glass first came out. Over time we've come to hang out in party chat on Xbox quite a bit, and have a pretty active group chat on our phones for game discussion--they're really excited about the old raids coming back!
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  • Avatar for vekupi #6 vekupi A year ago