Detective Pikachu Artist Designs Realistic Grimmsnarl, Because You're Overdue for a Nightmare

Detective Pikachu Artist Designs Realistic Grimmsnarl, Because You're Overdue for a Nightmare

Hugging realistic Grimmsnarl is ill-advised.

R.J. Palmer, the artist famous for his unsettlingly realistic Pokemon illustrations, is ready to horrify us again after a hiatus. Palmer's been too busy to draw realistic Pokemon—he worked on Detective Pikachu, amongst other projects—but he marked his return with a real doozy: A greasy, grimacing Grimmsnarl from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Grimmsnarl evolves from Morgrem, who evolves from Impidimp. Palmer pays tribute to the entire evolutionary line in his picture. A very cute and mischievous looking Impidimp frolics at Grimmsnarl's feet, and Morgrem acquires long, black locks of hair that cascade down his body. Palmer's interpretations of both pre-evolved forms are great, but there's no question Grimmsnarl is the goblin-man of the hour. The Dark/Fairy-type looms over its brothers, massive fangs bared. Its lips are seemingly non-existent; the monster's face is practically nothing but gums and teeth. If Palmer's Grimmsnarl somehow makes it into the Detective Pikachu follow-up, a lot of kids are going to have nightmares. Probably a few adults, too.

Palmer's work on Detective Pikachu made it a very interesting-looking movie. Ryme City's Pokemon looked strangely natural living side-by-side with their human trainers. I do actually kind of hope Palmer's Grimmsnarl makes it into the sequel. It's gross and terrifying, but it's a good reminder that not every Pokemon is as cuddly as Pikachu. Oily Pokemon with ten-inch fangs need homes, too.

Will the next Pokemon movie take place in Sword and Shield's Galar region, though? We know Detective Pikachu 2 is in the works, but not much beyond that. Tell you what though, I'll see the movie twice if it has a showdown between a Palmer-made Grimmsnarl and a Palmer-made Zarude. Monkey fight! Monkey fight!

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