Detective Pikachu Turned Bill Nighy Into a Major Fan, And He Even Has a Favorite Pokemon Now

Nighy reveals his favorite Pokemon.

Detective Pikachu the first live-action film set in the Pokemon universe combines CGI Pokemon with real actors to build the world of Ryme City. One of the actors populating the world of Detective Pikachu is Bill Nighy who recently explained how he went from Poke-novice to Pokemon Master while filming the movie.

"You could have written what I knew about Pokemon on the head of a pin," Nighy says in chat with The Guardian. "I did a crash course in Pokemon lore and bought every book available, including the deeply impressive Pokedex."

Now Nighy considers himself among the many millions of Pokemon fans around the world. "I love the collecting. When I get around to it, I'm going to download the [Pokemon Go] app and go to Strasbourg [France]. Someone told me they went Pokemon hunting in Strasbourg, which made an impression on me."

In Detective Pikachu Nighy plays Ryme City founder and Pokemon anthropologist Howard Clifford. Having seen the film early, USG agreed that Nighy's Clifford is the best human character in the movie. Chalk it up to the 69-year old actor's ability to just throw himself fully into any role, even if it's for an entertainment property that up until now he had no idea about.

Nighy was asked what his favorite Pokemon was to which he answered, "The ancient Mew was probably my top, top favorite because he's just majestic and he was the very first... he was elegant and powerful." Poetic words indeed.

Detective Pikachu is coming to theaters on May 10.

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