Detroit: Become Human Release Date Confirmed for May

Detroit: Become Human Release Date Confirmed for May

It's almost time to test your humanity with David Cage.

Quantic Dream's neo-noir thriller for the PlayStation 4, Detroit: Become Human, finally has a release date. Get ready to theoretically become human this May. Sony made the announcement earlier this morning on its Twitter feed.

Detroit, written by David Cage, is a dystopian adventure game that presents you with different choices as you play through its storyline. How you react at certain story junctures has a major impact on characters' fates and the narrative in general. For example, the life of a little girl may depend on how well you negotiate with the angry android holding her hostage. Or you may be called upon to save a fish that's fallen outside its tank, or else let it die gasping helplessly for air.

Become Human, or stay a machine? As an owner of a broken-down flesh chariot, I advise you think hard on the latter choice.

Both Detroit and David Cage courted controversy through 2017. After a disturbing demo for the game drew criticism at last year's PlayStation Live at Paris Games Week event, Cage assured Eurogamer the exhibition of abuse within the reel is absolutely necessary for Detroit to tell its story.

We'll find out for sure once the weather warms up a bit. Look for Detroit: Become Human on May 25.

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