Devolver Digital is Making an SNES Game About a CFO from Hell for Charity

Devolver Digital is Making an SNES Game About a CFO from Hell for Charity

Fork Parker is back, and he's all about making developers suffer for a good cause.

Devolver Digital and Mega Cat Studios are teaming up to make an SNES game. No, you haven't been whisked back to 1994 (the music's not weird enough). The studios are combining their powers to raise money for the Take This charity.

The game is Fork Parker's Crunch Out, and it's a 16-bit game starring Devolver Digital's totally real and very handsome CFO, Fork Parker. In Crunch Out, indie mega-success Fork Parker struggles against an encroaching publishing label the best way he knows how: By "motivating" his employees to work through an elongated crunch period. Electric shocks build character, and bathroom breaks are for the weak. You can be magnanimous and spend your profits on items that boost team morality, like espresso machines. But you can also spend that money on fancy shoes, because you're Fork Parker and you damn well (think you) deserve it.

If you have time to doze, you have time to code...or something like that.

Crunch Out is available for pre-order for $49.99 USD, and it comes on a real honest-to-goodness SNES cartridge. 100% of the game's profits go to Take This, a charity that works to raise awareness of—and combat—mental health issues.

Disclaimer: Fork Parker applies electric shocks to his employees to make a darkly humorous statement about working in an industry that's one shaky step up from that giant sausage-making machine in the music video for The Wall. Do not attempt.

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