Devolver Digital Could be Teasing Something New for Metal Wolf Chaos, From Software's Bonkers Mech Game [Update: Confirmed]

Devolver Digital confirmed Metal Wolf Chaos XD for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Update: Devolver Digital confirmed Metal Wolf Chaos XD a remaster and the first North American release of From Software's cult mech game.

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Is Devolver Digital planning some kind of new Metal Wolf Chaos project with From Software? That's the thinking based on a rather cryptic tweet the US publisher released this morning.

Metal Wolf Chaos is a 2004 mech game developed by From Software for the original Xbox. Players took control of the 47th President of the United States who was betrayed by his Vice President in a coup. So POTUS decided to take back the high office and save America the only way he knew how, by piloging a giant mech (would you believe Metal Wolf Chaos never released outside of Japan?). Safe to say the events in Metal Wolf Chaos weren't based on real events (yet).

This morning, Devolver posted a Seal of the President of the United States, only it's a bit different. For starters the eagle is isn't holding arrows and an olive branch, but instead what looks like a missile and gatling gun. What's more, the the three starred shield is the same as the one from Metal Wolf Chaos.

Devolver has had a longtime love affair with Metal Wolf Chaos, tweeting back in January that the publisher would be more than happy to help get Metal Wolf Chaos to the states. They even used the hashtag #FreeMetalWolf.

So, either Devolver and From Software are working on finally getting Metal Wolf Chaos to the states (where it belongs), or it's a new project altogether. We'll find out when Devolver Digital hosts their press conference at E3 on Sunday June 10 at 8pm PT. For the full schedule check out our E3 2018 guide.

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