Diablo 3 Requires a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription for Online Co-Op, Lets You Save Characters to the Cloud

Blizzard is taking advantage of Nintendo Switch Online's cloud storage.

Never mind yesterday's leak, today Blizzard officially announced Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch. We got a chance to learn a little bit about the project, ask a few questions, and reveal a few answers. Namely, Diablo 3 will actually require Nintendo Switch's Online subscription service to play online co-op, and that Blizzard is taking advantage of Nintendo Switch Online's cloud save feature to save players' characters.

As you might recall, there are some online Nintendo Switch games that don't require the Nintendo Switch Online service, but those are all free-to-play games like Fortnite and Paladins. Diablo 3 however retails for $59.99 at launch and will cost a little bit of money to play online. But Diablo 3 will also gain access to Switch Online's cloud save feature and Blizzard intends to use it to its fullest.

Diablo 3 on Switch.

According to Blizzard, Nintendo Switch Online's cloud service will allow you to save player character data. So, you can create a new character while playing a friend's Switch and load them to the cloud or load up a previously geared character saved on the cloud if you're planning a run at Rift 150.

Despite the requirements, it's still possible to play couch co-op with you friends without paying for Nintendo Switch Online. It's only online play that requires it. In any case, a lot of people are probably just going to put it in airplane mode for their long cross-country flight.

Diablo 3 is one of the first third-party titles that we've heard from that will be using the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service which is launching in the second half of September. Alongside cloud save features access to Nintendo Switch Online gives players online play, a collection of 20 NES games added regularly, better functions in the Nintendo Switch Online app, and special offers which are presumably discounts.

Nintendo Switch Online will cost $3.99 a month, $7.99 for three months, or $19.99 for the year. A family membership which gives up to 8 Switch users access to online services will cost $34.99

There's no release date announced for Diablo 3 on the Switch other than it will be out sometime this fall. Diablo 3 Switch will ship with some added features including character skins from The Legend of Zelda. For more, check out our previous Diablo coverage including a retrospective on Diablo 2 and our review of Diablo 3 for consoles.

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