Did Blizzard Just Tease The Next Overwatch Hero?

Did Blizzard Just Tease The Next Overwatch Hero?

Today Blizzard posted a mock interview with a mysterious new character, and we think it could be tied to the origins for a new hero.

Who is Efi Oladele? Well according to Blizzard, she’s a pint-sized, 11-year-old genius from Numbani with a specialty in artificial intelligence and robotics. According to an in-universe blog, Oladele is the proud recipient of the coveted Adawe Foundation’s "genius grant," which in a faux-interview the character dubs as "much better than winning the science fair."

It’s doubtful that Oladele is a new character for Overwatch (after all, she is literally a child), but I can see her relation being pertinent to the first new character since Sombra. Being a genius in robotics and AI development, I can see the highly anticipated hero being something built by the young Oladele, or at the very least, whose power spawned from the resourceful child’s intelligence.

Doomfist, the character everyone wants actor Terry Crews to voice, has long been rumored to be the next hero to join the Overwatch ranks. However, Blizzard seems always quick to put these rumors to rest. Though, there are other potential rumored heroes that could be tangentially tied to Oladele. Like Soundquake, an omnic (or, robot) that appeared in early art for the game.

But in all likelihood, it’s entirely possible that Blizzard is cooking up a character that's brand new. In Oladele’s mock interview, the talented child notes that she loves constructing drones and robots to help out with chores, which enlighten the possiblity for even a drone or robotic-like hero swooping in to save the day—one that's remotely controlled by Oladele. Inevitably, Blizzard's mock-interview ends on a hero-foreshadowing note. "I want to create things that make our lives better," she says. "And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great." And when asked what she'll do with her hefty new grant, her response is fittingly vague. "Oh… I have an idea…" Looks like we'll have to stay tuned to find out what hero she's created.

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