Disco Elysium's Latest Update Has a Brand New Feature: Getting Screwed by Big Pharma

Disco Elysium's Latest Update Has a Brand New Feature: Getting Screwed by Big Pharma

USG's 2019 Game of the Year also just got ultra-widescreen support.

If you're not a terribly cautious cop, then you'll probably die in all sorts of terrible and/or hilarious ways while playing Disco Elysium. Today, developers ZA/UM released a free update for Disco Elysium that lets players make their detective even more disaster-prone if they so wish—and, thanks to new support for ultra-wide resolutions, you'll be able to watch that misfortune unfold in a luxuriously vast frame.

Yes, even though ZA/UM's mechanically intricate RPG already offed Caty's cop enough times to warrant a piece about the many ways it can kill you, Disco Elysium's new Hardcore difficulty setting promises to make survival even more unlikely. To make Revachol's already tough existence tougher, Hardcore Mode tweaks just about everything. Skill checks are harder to pass, loose change and valuables are sparse, medicine costs more and does less, your Thought Cabinet will screw you over when you're down, and the siren call of those "sweet ciggys" may prove irresistible to even straight edge detectives.

Really, even if you don't intend to play on Hardcore Mode, you should read ZA/UM's colorful rundown of what it changes, as it's on-par with Disco Elysium's wonderful in-game writing. Few other games would use the phrase "you're gonna get screwed by big-pharma" in patch notes, but that attitude's part of why Disco Elysium became USG's 2019 Game of the Year.

If you do want to take the Hardcore setting for a spin, there is one silver lining. For each task you actually manage to complete, you'll earn a tiny bit more experience than you normally would, helping you level up faster. Or, as ZA/UM spins it, "the self-help books, at last, are right: Failure builds character."

The Hardcore Mode and ultra-widescreen update is available now for Disco Elysium on PC. In October, ZA/UM told USG that it plans to bring Disco Elysium to consoles later this year.

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