Discord Game Store Comes After Both Epic and Steam With New Revenue Model

Discord is offering developers 90 percent of the revenue.

Discord is getting in on the race to give developers more of its revenue shares from digital game sales by announcing a new 90/10 split, with developers taking a majority of the profits made from selling their games through Discord.

In a blog post published this morning Discord announced that starting in 2019 it will institute a 90/10 revenue split between developers and the online chat company who launched its own digital game store earlier this year. The revenue model is a challenge to Epic Game Store which announced its own generous 88/12 revenue split as a challenge to Steam's 70/30 revenue model. If you include Epic's bonus for developers who develop games using Epic's Unreal Engine both Discord and Epic offer similar revenue shares.

"Turns out, it does not cost 30 percent to distribute games in 2018," Discord CEO Jason Citron writes in the blog post. The sentiment was echoed by Epic Games when the company announced its own Steam competitor. In recent months major publishers have taken their games off Steam and have begun offering them through their own digital stores with profit retention one of the reasons for the move. Games like Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76 were offered through Activision's Battle.net and the Bethesda Store respectively.

Either way both of these announcements have been targeted directly at Valve which for years has had a dominant control over digital PC games sales thanks to the Steam platform. But with developers being offered more lucrative cuts of the profits, it will be interesting to see how the market changes if at all.

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