Disney Announces a New Augmented Reality Headset and Several Star Wars AR Games

Holochess is now real. Yay?

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Mike Goslin, vice president of advanced development at Disney took the stage at Disney's D23 celebration to talk about Lucasfilm's new Augmented Reality (AR) project. And what better franchise to explore AR, than Star Wars?

Goslin introduced a new AR headset Lucasfilms developed in partnership with technology manufacturer Lenovo. Goslin cited the multitudes of holograms present in the Star Wars universe, such as Leia's SOS message, to the famous Holochess game that appears throughout the franchise. With those inspirations in mind, the new Lenovo AR headset will bring Star Wars-themed games, including Holochess, into your living room.

And of course, Goslin also announced a new Lightsaber game called Jedi Challenges, although the trailer reveals practically nothing.

Augmented Reality has been a big topic in the alternative gaming conversation recently. Thanks to the massive success of games like Pokemon Go, AR gaming is currently being chased by a variety of companies including Apple and Microsoft-with the company's Hololens project. The new Lenovo headset looks to function like the GearVR headset, where your smartphone powers the main tech within the AR unit.

No word yet on a release date.

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  • Avatar for brodiejohn13 #1 brodiejohn13 7 months ago
    Hololense Star Wars chess. Gotta happen!
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  • Avatar for SteveMaloy #2 SteveMaloy 6 months ago
    Wow, seems like new era in VR is coming. I wish they could show us how it looks from inside. But i`m already planning my fights. As i think, it won`t be popular with kids, but with their fathers lol. Is it gonna be a mode where we will be able to fight not with computer but with friends? I hope so.

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