Disney Set-Top Box Comes Pre-Loaded With Games and Other Media

Disney Set-Top Box Comes Pre-Loaded With Games and Other Media

Disney has a solution for parents who want child-friendly games and shows in their kids' rooms.

The end of the Disney Infinity line indicates Disney isn't interested in allocating too many resources into video game distribution – or so we thought. Turns out Mickey Mouse's parent company does have a literal game plan, and it echoes Apple TV, Android TV set boxes, and indeed, the NES Classic Edition.

The compact Disney Kids TV streaming box, revealed at last weekend's CES 2017, is a set-top box packed with Disney content, including games. Marshall Honorof of Tom's Guide, who went hands-on with the prototype box at CES, says he's "personally pulling for Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse" for the Sega Genesis. That would be great, and who knows – it might happen. That said, the set will probably only stream mobile games on day one, e.g. free-to-play fare featuring characters from Marvel and Star Wars.

The Disney box can also "stream content from a variety of channels, play prerecorded media, listen to music, and connect external storage sources." The box's manufacturer, Snakebyte, plans to keep adding media once the device launches.

If you're a parent who's understandably paranoid about your kid accidentally (or "accidentally") streaming games, shows, and movies that aren't child-safe, Disney's streaming box probably won't be a poor purchase. It'll cost $99 USD at launch, and you can buy an optional Bluetooth controller at a yet-undisclosed price. Look for the mouse box later this year.

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