Does Drake Really Sample Final Fantasy on His Album, Scorpion?

Does Drake Really Sample Final Fantasy on His Album, Scorpion?

A song called Final Fantasy features on the Toronto rapper’s new album, and many are suggesting that it samples the iconic Prelude theme from the series.

The track “Final Fantasy” appears on Drake’s new album, and features an orchestral melody which sounds a lot like the Prelude theme from the long-running RPG series. Video game fans have been hotly debating it ever since, with contrasting views of what the sample in the song actually is.

Over on ResetEra, fans had all but accepted that Drake had included a Final Fantasy sample in one of his new tracks, until one user pointed instead to the 1969 Dorothy Ashby track “Windmills of Your Mind” as the true source of the music.

Popular sampling database WhoSampled lists that the track does indeed sample Dorothy Ashby and not Final Fantasy. This hasn’t stopped fans pointing out the similarities between the Drake track and the orchestral version of the Prelude theme, as I’m sure you will admit, the two are very similar.

Drake sampling Final Fantasy wouldn’t be totally unbelievable, given that he has been edging his way into the gaming sphere recently. The rapper joined Fortnite streamer Ninja’s Twitch stream for a couple of rounds of the behemoth battle royale game, earlier this year.

If it is indeed the case that Drake is sampling FF, he certainly wouldn’t be the first rapper to sample a popular gaming franchise. Eminem samples SoulCalibur on “Hellbound”, the Joey Bada$$ track “Fromda Tomb$” samples L.A Noire, and Young Jeezy pulled from 007 Goldeneye in his track “Soul Survivor”. In terms of video game references in Hip Hop there are literally thousands, from Outkast mentioning Dig Dug, to Kanye offering up “TurboGrafx 16” as a placeholder name for an album he was working on.

Whether the Final Fantasy sample is legit or not remains to be seen (it does seems more likely to be the other track), though it has definitely got us wanting more video game music in Hip Hop in general. And who knows, there might still be a Fortnite reference or two hidden away in the album somewhere, so I’m sure we’ll hear more as fans spend more time with the album. Let us know if you hear the similarities between the songs, y posting in the comments below.

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