Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

We explain whether you can play Minecraft Dungeons with people on different consoles.

With Minecraft Dungeons now out and hugely popular, people all over the world want to fight evil with their friends, no matter what console or device they play on. For those who want to do so, they need to know does Minecraft Dungeons have crossplay? We'll explain the details below.

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Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

No, at time of writing Minecraft Dungeons does not have crossplay. The game itself has a large emphasis on online co-op play, but players can currently only cooperate and fight bosses with other players on the same consoles as themselves (either Xbox One or PC). There is no way to play with people on other consoles.

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Will Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay in the Future?

Yes, according to a post by the developers, updated versions of Minecraft Dungeons will have crossplay added as a feature in the future, though there is currently no clear timescale on when to expect this. The current statement on crossplay can be found here, and runs as follows:

"Our goal is to let everyone play together regardless of platform, and we’re looking forward to enabling cross-platform play in a future free game update. Save files and game progress do not transfer across platforms."

We'll be sure to update this guide in the future the moment we hear more on cross-platform play, so stay tuned!

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