Does Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Have New Game Plus?

Does Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Have New Game Plus?

Can you replay your journey as a Jedi Master?

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order offers a lot of new abilities, gear and attributes to unlock as you progress through the game, but is there a New Game Plus Mode in which to unleash your powers even more?

Is There New Game Plus?

No, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order does not have New Game Plus. Once you've beaten the final mission, Cal is sent back to the Mantis with all the progress you've made up to the point before you started that mission (though you can't replay it, oddly enough). This allows you to travel between the five available planets and look for items, enemies and achievements you may have missed before that point.

Even though there's no New Game Plus, players can go around fulfilling side quests they might not have gotten around to before. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Will There Be New Game Plus?

There's no concrete answer either way, but it seems unlikely. In an interview for Game Informer, director Stig Asmussen said that while they had looked into the possibility, the fact that the game's metroidvania-inspired level design opens up as you acquire new powers means that if you go into it with everything already, it throws off that element. "(I)f you start the game with all your abilities, you kind of break things," Asmussen explained.

There's also no guarantee of any future arena mode, for those who enjoyed the challenge of the Sith training room in the Fortress Inquisitorius and were hoping for some sort of endless challenge or extra content.

Why Doesn't Fallen Order Have New Game Plus?

EA Community Engagement Specialist Jay Ingram made a statement on Twitter saying that there were no plans for DLC, wanting Fallen Order to be a "strong, self-contained story." The game has been sold as an uncut experience with nothing held back, but it also throws into question the idea of new content being added. Still, that was back in April, and "no plans" is not the same thing as "absolutely not," so we can't be certain either way.

The use of late-game abilities makes structuring New Game Plus a challenge. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Just because there's no new game plus doesn't mean that there's not a lot of post-game content to have fun with. Why not check out our guide on bringing down the legendary beasts of Fallen Order, or how to explore the crashed Venator ship on Zeffo? Alternatively, go take a peek our list of ten Fallen Order easter eggs to see which references you noticed and which ones you missed.

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