Doom Eternal: How to Beat All the Slayer Gate Challenges and Get the Unmaykr

Doom Eternal: How to Beat All the Slayer Gate Challenges and Get the Unmaykr

Triumph over the demon hordes, get all the Empyrean Keys, and unlock the Unmaykr.

There's few challenges more challenging in Doom Eternal than the Slayer Gates, huge arenas of enemies who will test all your skills and equipment to its utmost. We'll show you how to beat all the Slayer Gates and get the Unmaykr here in this full guide walkthrough.

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How to Beat All the Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal

Starting with the second mission, Exultia, you'll start to encounter Slayer Gates, high-difficulty challenges that allow players to earn weapon upgrades and Empyrean Keys by completing them. Each Gate follows this pattern:

  • Find the Slayer Gate. This is marked on your map by a symbol of a doorway with the Doom Slayer's symbol inside.
  • Find the Slayer Key to unlock it. This should be nearby and marked on your map if you're close enough, though it may require some kind of platforming or combat encounter to get it to.
  • Unlock the Gate to proceed. They'll be a Gore Nest inside which, when destroyed, transports you to the challenge.
  • Kill all the enemies without using up all your lives to complete the challenge. This will likely require all your skill.
  • Upon completing the Gate challenge, you'll get three Weapon Points for upgrades, as well as an Empyrean Key.
  • Getting all six keys unlocks the Unmaykr back at the Fortress of Doom hub area.
Slayer Gates and Keys are marked on your map when you get close to them. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Where Are the Slayer Gates?

There are six Slayer Gates, one found in each of these missions:

  • Mission 2: Exultia
  • Mission 3: Cultist Base
  • Mission 5: Super Gore Nest
  • Mission 6: ARC Complex
  • Mission 7: Mars Core
  • Mission 9: Taras Nabad

How to Get the Exultia Slayer Gate Key

Finding the first key is relatively simple, a tutorial for the whole process. From the gate, move on to the next room, a dark cave with several outcroppings and a dash-booster at the top. Jump to the highest platform, a small cave shown on your map, then use the booster to jump and dash all the way to the opposite side of the cave, where you can see a small hole leading outside. The key is on a floating platform just beyond. Jump down from there and you'll be back at the Gate itself. Interact with it, and the Doom Slayer will use the key to crank it open. Now just make sure you have all the ammo and lives you can hold, and prepare for the fight of your life.

How to Beat the Exultia Slayer Gate

This fight is mainly about quantity over quality, as you'll be swarmed by weaker enemies, especially gargoyles, with a few more powerful ones dotted throughout. You'll also meet the Dread Knight for the first time, an upgraded version of the Hell Knight who can do very heavy damage at close range.

For this fight, you'll want to work with splash damage: shotgun grenades, Blood Punches, regular grenades and your Flame Belch are all solid approaches, clearing out the weaker enemies as quickly as possible so you can't get swarmed. Keep moving around the battlefield, staying close to the portals if you need a getaway, and keep track of where all the health and armor drops are so you can grab them. Your explosive approach should also ensure that there's always at least one enemy ready for a Glory Kill to get your health back, and when it comes to the Dread Knight, keep your distance! You'll beat them eventually and get to claim your first Empyrean Key.

The first Slayer Gate attempts to overwhelm you with numbers. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the Cultist Base Slayer Gate Key

Some time after unlocking the Super Shotgun in the third mission, you'll come across a large room with a huge, crucified, four-armed demon on the right. The Gate is opposite him, on the left. To get to the key, follow these steps:

  • Go around the back of the giant crucifix. You'll see a swinging bar.
  • Use the swinging bar to drop down into a long tunnel beneath the crucifix itself. Dash forward to the opposite grabable wall, then stop to let it recharge.
  • You should be able to see a further length tunnel with a dash-booster halfway down. Jump in that direction, do a double jump, and then hammer dash four times to make it down the hallway, boosting halfway down. Do it quickly enough, and you should make it to the opposite wall.
  • From here, climb up and jump back behind you in the direction of the crucifix room. You should be able to climb up onto a ledge and get the key. This'll open the bars in front of you, letting you go straight back to the Gate.

How to Beat the Cultist Base Slayer Gate

The key to beating this Gate challenge is verticality. The map is actually quite small, but you can keep obstacles between you and your opponents by jumping up and down, which the Slayer can usually do faster than any demon. This time you'll be dealing with some bigger, ranged fighters as well as the usual imps and gargoyles, including Mancubuses, Cacodemons and Arachnotrons. If you're playing these challenges as you go, this'll also be your first time meeting the Prowler, a lanky, teleporting demon who likes to appear out of nowhere, hit the Slayer with either claws or purple energy blasts, and vanish again. Use freeze bombs to hold them in place, the landscape as cover and beware of ammo shortages: there isn't much ammunition in the arena besides chainsaw fuel, so save your Chainsaw for the bigger demons and use them to refill all your guns along the way.

The second battle introduces the teleporting Prowler. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate Key

You'll probably find this one early in the Super Gore Nest mission, but you can't open it until the end, so don't worry about doing so until then. Once you have the Blue Key and unlock fast travel, before dropping down into the giant mouth, follow these steps:

  • fast travel to Mixom Square and head directly up the road.
  • You should see a giant column of meat in an arena you beat near the beginning of the level. It has the blue locked icon on it, but should now unlock when you touch, seeing as you have the Blue Key.
  • Inside is a jump pad that throws you into the air. At the peak of the jump, dash to the right to grab hold of a wall.
  • Climb up, and from there's a straight path around and down to the Slayer Key, as well as a Sentinel Battery.
  • From there, jump down into the main Vermillion Canal area, and across from you is a long pipe you can stand on with a tunnel where it meets the wall. The Slayer Gate is inside the tunnel.

How to Beat the Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate

This Slayer Gate challenge pits you mostly against the standard soldier enemies who shoot at you from a distance. They go down easily individually, but there's a lot of them, so mobility and speed is your friend here, as well as grenades, the Flame Belch, sticky bombs, the Rocket Launcher and anything that can clear a room fast. The tougher enemies are mainly Aracnotrons, Hell Knights, and even a few Pinkies to help you get this mission's Glory Kill challenge. Swap to a Super Shotgun whenever they get close; you don't want to blow yourself up in the process, and remember that soldiers can be killed with the lowest fuel chainsaw, so you shouldn't ever worry for ammo.

The third gate puts the Slayer against a platoon of soldiers. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the ARC Complex Slayer Gate Key

It won't be long in the fifth level before you find the Slayer Gate. It's a pretty simple process to find it and the key.

  • After VEGA tells you to find the turret controls, head into the building the Pinky crashes out of. Keep going up until you get to a large, tall room with broken walls and rooms.
  • Jump to the right and up the stairs. There's a map station ahead of you, along with the Slayer Gate itself.
  • Look out left at the hole in the wall. Jump to the climbable wall on the right.
  • Climb up the wall as much as possible, then jump and dash in the opposite direction to a hole lit by purple lighting. The Key is inside there.
  • Jump back across to get to the Gate again.

How to Beat the ARC Complex Slayer Gate

No waves of little minions this time; now you're going up against some real brutes. This is the earliest point you can meet the deadly Tyrant and Baron of Hell enemies, the first of which fires from a distance, the second of which is a rampaging hulk. Add to that a lot of Mancubuses, Hell Knights, Whiplash demons and a bloody Doom Hunter among the usual crowd of irksome imps and gargoyles, and this one is a real challenge. Hot tip: the Baron of Hell is weak to the Chaingun, and the Tyrant is slow and has difficulty turning, so use those against them. They're also huge targets you'll be pecking at for a while, so hit them with the Flame Belch early to start peeling away layers of armor in the process. Also remember to duck down into the lower levels in times of stress: the demons seem to spawn and congregate there a little less, so they'll have to try and catch up with you, buying you a few moments.

In Gate 4 you'll "meat" the Tyrant. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the Mars Core Slayer Gate Key

After firing yourself through a cannon and jumping over some great big asteroids, you'll end up in another wrecked facility filled with floor tentacles while looking for an escape pod to take you to mars. The Gate is made clear on the mini-map, and the key is close. Find the Gate, and from there do the following:

  • Head out into the main area. Go forward in the direction you haven't been to yet (presuming this is your first time), then turn around when you go through the open doorway to look at the control panel beneath the window.
  • Interact with the panel. You should see through the window a section of machinery move back, exposing a breakable vent, as well as a platform that rises out of the floor.
  • Go to the platform and jump off it to reach and smash the air vent. Go through the new hole.
  • The Key is on your left. Grab it and head back to the Gate. This'll also get you one of the level's three challenges.

How to Beat the Mars Core Slayer Gate

This is the most difficult one so far, as most of the enemies are fast enough to keep pace with you and make it difficult to get to safety. The Marauder makes an unwanted return, pursuing you relentlessly with his spectral hellhounds, and you also encounter a new kind of enemy: the Maykr Drone, a floating robed figure who fires lasers out of their face. The Marauder follows the same rules as last time, but the Drone is a new kind of challenge. Cheat sheet: The Drone's body is heavily armored, taking very little damage, but that big gold head is vulnerable and will pop like an ammo pinata when destroyed. Remember that you also have a new weapon now if things get really bad: the BFG 9000. In the event of an emergency, get as high up as possible and fire it out over the top of everybody's head, making sure the energy tendrils zap as many demons as possible before the orb itself hits something and explodes. You'll also be fighting a lot of enemies with lots of health, so use the Flame Belch early and often, ensuring that they shed armor while you fight them.

Gate five isOH GOD NOT YOU AGAIN! | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the Taras Nabad Slayer Gate Key

Despite being the last and hardest challenge, this is, oddly enough, the easiest key to get. After performing the second puzzle in the mission where you lower an acid pool, there'll be a moment where you have to punch a crate and shoot a hidden green button to keep going (this is all still part of the mission). Walk through the tunnel, and you'll see an arena up ahead - but instead, just go left and follow the curve of the tunnel. The key is right there ahead of you, and iron bars will rise up, allowing you to go straight to the Slayer Gate.

How to Beat the Taras Nabad Slayer Gate

The recurring theme of the final challenge is "summoning." A great deal of the enemies here are Pain Elementals, which create flaming skulls that chase you, and the new Archvile, which summons more enemies of all kinds. The strategy is clear: prioritize both of these horrors and get rid of them as quickly as possible, otherwise you could be fighting demons indefinitely. The Archviles in particular are real nightmares, creating fiery shields to protect themselves while they work, teleporting around the battlefield, and with a lot of health too. Hit them with the biggest weapons you have, and keep eyes in the back of your head for newly-spawned enemies appearing behind you. The Pain Elementals are weak to your Ballista, taking extra damage from every shot. Oh, and there's also a big Tyrant, just to keep things interesting. Hit it with the Flame Belch at every opportunity to keep harvesting armor, and remember that Tyrants can't turn around quickly, so circling it at a safe distance is a good way to stay out of the danger zone. Topple these foes, and you'll have the final Empyrean key - the Unmakyr is one visit to the Fortress of Doom away.

The final gate introduces the new summoning Archvile demon. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

What is the Unmaykr?

The Unmaykr is a hugely powerful machine gun-like weapon that uses the same ammunition as the BFG 9000, though at a different rate. Each shot on the BFG 9000 translates to 30 shots on the Unmaykr, though obviously they're not as individually powerful. Still, the Unmaykr is a devastating weapon that can shred the most powerful demons very quickly, killing even Tyrants, Doom Hunters and Barons of Hell in moments.

Well, hello. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

How to Get the Unmaykr

The Unmakyr is in the Fortress of Doom hub area, at the back of the ship amidst all the unlockable rooms that need Sentinel Batteries to open. It's hard to miss; just walk in the opposite direction of the mission select portal until you see a massive slab of glowing white machinery, contained by some sort of rib cage-like forcefield. That's the Unmaykr, and you can insert any Empyrean Keys you've currently got to start disappearing the bars holding it in. Once you've inserted all six keys, all the bars will vanish and you'll be able to take the Unmaykr to use for the rest of the game.

How to Use the Unmaykr

While you have the BFG 9000 equipped, press up on the D-pad to swap to the Unmaykr. At that point you can hold down the trigger to fire, sending a chaotic spray of powerful bullets ahead of you. Point it at a crowd of demons to reduce them to red mist, or aim at a powerful enemy to end them in seconds.

The Unmaykr might be the most powerful ranged weapon in the game. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

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