Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Doom Hunters Boss Fight

Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Doom Hunters Boss Fight

We cover how to defeat the deadly Doom Hunters and get to the Priest Deag Ranak.

There's a new danger in Doom Eternal, the Doom Hunters, cybernetically-enhanced demons specially designed to kill the Doom Slayer. Cute. We'll go over how to beat the Doom Hunters boss fight and reach the Hell Priest Deag Ranak.

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How to Beat the Doom Hunter

The Doom Hunter makes its grand appearance at the end of the fourth mission, after you've been walking through a whole manufacturing plant dedicated to making these things for the Hell Priest Deag Ranak. The Doom Hunter itself is a kind of living tank, a bulky, shielded torso on a floating platform, outfitted with all manner of artillery and covered in a shield. When it appears you'll see its health bar at the top of the screen, and likely notice that it's got two phases. Uh-oh.

Doom Hunter Tips and Weaknesses

There's no known way to cheese this fight, so instead we'll cover all the failings of Deag Ranak's design and how you can make the right moment-by-moment choices to bring it down.

  • To go over what the game tells you when the fight starts, the Doom Hunter's two main weaknesses are the energy shield and the sled it rides on. The shield protects it from attacks, but can be overloaded with Plasma Rifle attacks temporarily. The sled is always unprotected, can be destroyed to shut down its missile and shield functions permanently, though this is harder to do.
  • The Doom Hunter has a laser cannon, Revenant-like missiles that lock on, and a melee attack that's highly damaging. Strafe around it and use dash to stay ahead of its shots, as well as keep out of the way of its swings. It's also immune to the Chainsaw, disappointingly.
  • The best tactic to fight the Doom Hunter, we found, is a mix of Plasma Rifle and Auto Shotgun. Make sure you have lots of ammo for both (there's a lot of little demons you can chainsaw to stock up), then keep at a medium distance from the Hunter while you shoot to overload its shield. When it does pop, it'll be briefly stunned - this is your moment to switch to the Auto Shotgun, dash forward, and fire as much as possible into the sled or the Hunter's face. The sled will shut down annoying abilities, as mentioned, but the head takes more damage overall. Frankly, it's up to the individual Slayer.
  • In phase two, the Doom Hunter will declare "critical damage," detach from the sled, and start to move about the battlefield more quickly, darting about. However, if you hadn't shut the shield down yet, now it's gone for good, so it's a little more like fighting an agile kind of Revenant. The Hunter doesn't actually have as much health in this form, and a full array of Micro Missiles from the Machine Gun can do up to half a health bar of damage.
  • Once you've emptied the second health bar, the Hunter will stagger; giving you the chance to Glory Kill it and end the fight… except not.

How to Beat the Two Doom Hunters

Yep, after dropping down into a new area, two more Hunters will pop up to fight you simultaneously. At least this is a larger area with more obstacles, which brings us to the main strategy for this fight: verticality. Never fight both Hunters at once, because their combined damage can easily overwhelm and kill you. Instead, use the environment to ensure that there's always something blocking one of them from getting to you. Once you've killed one, move onto the second. Don't worry too much if you die; you won't have to fight the first Hunter again; just the second two.

After killing them both, you'll get a brief cinematic where you find Deag Ranak and it goes… about how you'd expect it to. Never change, Doom Slayer.

The Hunters are heavy foes that act like living weapons platforms. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

If the Doom Slayer had the patience or lucidity to read, he'd read USG. For more Doom content, see Hirun's story on the fan reaction to the Slayer's face, or take a look at Caty's first impressions of the game.

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