Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Gladiator Boss Fight

Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Gladiator Boss Fight

There's a new kind of demon waiting to fight you in Sentinel Prime's Arena. Here's how to kill it and reach the Hell Priest Deag Grav.

After punching a hole in Mars and traversing dimensions in Doom Eternal, the Doom Slayer returns home to Sentinel Prime, where they'll be put into a boss fight with the Gladiator demon of the Arena. We'll show you how to beat the Gladiator and reign over the Arena here.

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How to Beat the Gladiator Boss Fight

Similar to the Marauder before it, the Gladiator boss fight is a kind of duel wherein you have to look for the right moment to strike, using weaker enemies along the way to refuel on health, ammo and armor. But like the Doom Hunter, this is actually a two-phase boss fight, in which the Gladiator will change weapons and tactics after you deplete their first health bar. We'll cover both approaches here.

Green means stop. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Gladiator Boss Weaknesses

The Gladiator's two phases can be summarized as defensive first, offensive second. Consequently you'll have to bend in the opposite direction, going offensive where he goes defensive and so on. Here's the details.

Gladiator Boss Fight First Phase Weaknesses

  • In his first phase, the Gladiator wields a long spiked ball on a chain, as well as a giant, door-sized shield. It is possible to do a little bit of damage around the shield with splash damage or very careful aim, but it's hard and never adds up to much, so generally don't bother.
  • Like the Marauder, when the Gladiator's eyes - or those on his shield - flash green, he's preparing to let his guard down and attack. This applies in both phases of the battle, telling you to prepare both to dodge and counter.
  • He tends to do long, reaching strikes that cover a lot of distance, but can be dodged by dashing to the side.
  • Do enough damage to the Gladiator in a quick go, and he'll actually stagger for a Glory Kill. These aren't fatal on them - there more like Glory Slaps - but you can do extra damage with them and he'll drop some health as usual.
  • To trigger the stagger, equip the Super Shotgun, dash to the side when you see the eyes flash, then use the Meat Hook to grapple forward and give the Gladiator both barrels. If you have the Meat Hook upgrade, you'll also get some armor in the process.
  • The Gladiator will constantly summon smaller demons which can be used for resource gathering, and there's also resources on the outer edge of the Arena you can grab if you're running short.

Once you've done a whole health bar of damage, the Gladiator will fall to one knee and you can perform another Glory Kill, this time used to destroy that damn shield. The Gladiator will get back up, replacing his lost equipment with a second ball and chain, signalling the start of round two.

DUCK! | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Gladiator Boss Fight Second Phase Weaknesses

This is where things get nasty. Without his shield, the Gladiator will attack much more frequently, as well as summoning more noteworthy demons like Prowlers to help him. The basics are still the same, but the details are very different.

  • The Gladiator will spin one of his weapons at times, creating an orange circle. This functions as a reflecting shield, bouncing off attacks and potentially hurting you if you're still in the way.
  • He'll also attack much more frequently, forcing you to dodge and dash more.
  • One of his new attacks is similar to the Cyberdemon from Doom 2016. He'll trap you between two energy walls and start sending wavy lines of energy to hit you. Dash to the side that's bending upwards to duck beneath it safely, or jump over the lowest side to clear it.
  • The Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast mod is very good here, as the blast can stagger the Gladiator or clear a lot of the smaller enemies in one go.

Once you clear his second health bar, the Gladiator will fall for a final Glory Kill, ending him for good and letting you get your time with the final Hell Priest, Deag Grav.

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