Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Icon of Sin Final Boss Fight

Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Icon of Sin Final Boss Fight

The final boss of Doom Eternal is the returning Icon of Sin. We'll show you how to defeat this massive demon here.

Everything in Doom Eternal has built to this: the return of the Icon of Sin, now more powerful than ever after being enhanced with Maykr technology and armor. You'll confront the demonic behemoth back on Earth, so we'll show you here how to beat the Icon of Sin boss fight and beat the game.

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How to Beat the Icon of Sin Boss Fight in Doom Eternal

Fighting the Icon of Sin is split into two halves; one where you shred its armor, and one where you actually splatter the meaty demon within. Aside from that, it's the classic "huge monster from the waist-up trying to squash you" boss fight template, going at you with huge fists you'll have to keep away from. It's also made more difficult by the fact that Icon constantly summons other demons to hamper you; not just imps and zombies, but all sorts of heavy hitters up to and including Barons of Hell.

How to Kill the Icon of Sin

Like mentioned, the Icon is a boss fight where you'll have to destroy the Maykr armor before killing the demon itself. You'll have to destroy all of the armor before getting to work on the the Icon's body, both of which are divided into eight sections:

  1. Head
  2. Left Pectoral
  3. Right Pectoral
  4. Stomach/Abdomen
  5. Right Upper Arm/Shoulder
  6. Right Lower Arm/Hand
  7. Left Upper Arm/Shoulder
  8. Left Lower Arm/Hand

It's pretty obvious when you destroy a piece of armor, as it'll visibly explode and shatter, revealing skin wrapped in a thin field of red energy. Don't bother attacking this if you haven't destroyed all the armor yet, that field still protects it. There'll also be a counter on the left-hand side of the screen that tells you how much of the demon's armor/body you've destroyed, as well as the health bar at the top.

You need to destroy the Icon's armor first. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Software

Icon of Sin Weaknesses

Now you know the process for killing the Icon of Sin, we can get into the details of the best way to do that. Here's all the best tips and tricks for dealing with this super demon.

  • If you're not sure in either phase if you're damaging a body part or if it's already destroyed, it should glow/flash red whenever it takes damage. If it doesn't do that, you can move onto another part.
  • BFG 9000 shots are suitably devastating in either half of the fight, doing huge damage and in some cases able to destroy a section of armor/body instantly.
  • The Icon's armor doesn't really give away when it's damaged, but its body will visibly degrade and be destroyed as you shoot at it.
  • Most of the Icon's attacks are huge punches or fist swipes, but it can also shoot projectiles from the pentagram floating above its head, summon meteorites, as well as blast streams of fire from its palms. Think of it like this: if it's not trying to punching you, it's probably winding up a projectile, or doing the little Jedi mind trick-gesture it does to summon more demons.
  • The Icon's punches are very fast - if you see it winding up one, immediately dash to the opposite side of the arena. If you haven't destroyed the hands yet, now is a great time to pull out your Super Shotgun and retaliate! A close-range attack will do a lot against it.
  • Both arenas have BFG and Crucible Ammo in no small quantity. The BFG is good for fighting the Icon, but you should use the Crucible when it comes to regular demons who might give you serious trouble, like Tyrants or Barons.
  • Both arenas have the Blue Souls that completely recharge health and armor, each of them in the middle at the highest point. In an emergency, run to these and use jumps pads, dashes and swinging bars to snatch them out of the air.

Destroy all the body parts, and victory will be yours! There'll be a brief cinematic wherein the Icon staggers, allowing the Slayer to perform the ultimate Glory Kill, climbing up its body and driving the Crucible's blade into its exposed brain. And on this, you've beaten Doom Eternal!

Shoot it enough, and Icon's going to look a little... gooey. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Software

What, you thought we were done with a game called "Eternal"? We've got plenty of Doom content here at USG. You can check out Mike's review of the game here, or follow this link to see Mat's exclusive interview with the devs of Doom 64.

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