Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Khan Maykr Boss Fight

Doom Eternal: How to Beat the Khan Maykr Boss Fight

We explain how to defeat the ruler of Urdak and mastermind of the demon invasion, the Khan Maykr.

One of the most anticipated boss fights in Doom Eternal, the Khan Maykr is a dangerous foe, ruler of the Maykr angels and ally to Hell itself. We'll show you how to beat the Khan Maykr boss fight at the end of the level "Urdak."

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How to Beat the Khan Maykr Boss Fight in Doom Eternal

The Khan Maykr is a difficult boss fight for the same reason that it's a challenge to fight Pain Elementals and Cacodemons - her constant flying forces you to look up, even though a lot of the threats are also at ground level. Fortunately there are weaknesses and tricks you can exploit, and we'll go over them here.

How to Kill the Khan Maykr

This boss fight is a little different to most, requiring specific actions to defeat the Khan Maykr, rather than simply pouring in enough damage. That is part of it though, and we'll go over the steps here.

  • The Khan Maykr has six health bars.
  • To get rid of a health bar, attack her with any and all weapons until it seems to be depleted. This will stagger her in the air and remove the gold shield around her.
  • If you do nothing at this point, eventually the Khan Maykr will recover and that health bar will refill.
  • What you should do when her shield breaks is use the Meat Hook grapple on your Super Shotgun to pull yourself towards her, and perform a Blood Punch when you're close enough.
  • This will finish that health bar and move her onto the next one.
  • Hitting her in this way automatically refills your Blood Punch meter.
  • Repeat this process six times to win the boss battle.
The Khan Maykr attacks from a distance. You'll have to get up close. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/

Khan Maykr Weaknesses

Of course, knowing the steps to take doesn't make it easy. The Khan Maykr is one of the game's hardest fights, and will use all tricks and tactics at her disposal to stop you from winning. Here's some tips and tricks that you can use to exploit her weaknesses.

  • The arena will constantly fill with Maykr Drones who will also attack you from ground level. Killing a Drone with a headshot will cause it to explode in a shower of ammunition, as though you'd killed it with a chainsaw.
  • The Khan will attack from a distance, mostly using energy waves and beams of light dropping from the sky. The defensive shield for your Chaingun can do a lot to help against the first, but you'll have to dash away to avoid the second.
  • As the match continues, the Khan will cover more and more of the floor in damaging red electricity, forcing you either to find the few clear bits of ground or stay in the air. If this happens and you're in the danger zone, head for a jump pad or swinging bar, anything that'll keep you in the air, survey the ground beneath you, then use the dash and double jump to make it to any clear area.
  • You've probably guessed, but close range isn't really viable in this fight. Shotguns will do damage, but very little at a distance. If you need to use shotgun attacks, use the Sticky Bombs mod instead.
  • Homing weapons (like the lock-on mod for the Rocket Launcher or the Micro Missiles for the Heavy Rifle) are both very good at allowing you to attack the Khan Maykr without thinking too hard about accuracy, allowing you to focus on evasion.
  • If you're out of ammo for your homing weapons and are sick of the Khan dodging more standard weapons, use the Ballista. It's heavy on ammo use, but perfect for knocking enemies out of the sky.
The floor is lava! Or at least horrible magic electricity. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/

That should be everything you need to bring down the ruler of Urdak. As a reward, you'll unlock an upgraded Blood Punch, as well as causing the fall of the heavenly realm by allowing the demons to get in. Oops.

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