Doom Eternal Marauder: How to Beat, Strategy and Tips

Doom Eternal Marauder: How to Beat, Strategy and Tips

It's Slayer versus Slayer as you tackle the demonic Marauder.

At the end of the Arc Complex mission in Doom Eternal, you'll recover (most of) an old friend and encounter the Marauder, a hellish, horned version of the Doom Slayer equipped with axe, shotgun and shield. We'll teach you how to beat the Marauder here.

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How to Beat the Marauder in Doom Eternal

The Marauder is unlike any boss you'll have fought so far in Doom Eternal, requiring an entirely different approach to the normal barrage of bullets. This battle is more like a sword duel than anything else, one in which you'll have to evade and counter the Marauder's attacks to do any damage. However, he'll also summon ghostly hellhounds that will harass and damage you, so you'll have to blast them as they pop up as well. Read on for our roundup of Marauder weaknesses, so you can finally tackle this tough boss.

The Marauder's eyes flash green when he's about to attack. That's your sign to counterattack. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Marauder Weaknesses

The Marauder has three attacks: his shotgun (close range), his axe (medium range), and a wave of red energy (long range). He'll use whichever one is most appropriate, so if you're right next to him he'll shotgun you, and if you're far away he'll throw red energy at your face. For our purposes, we want him to use the axe, so keep a few feet away to bait him into doing one of his lunging axe swings.

See, the Marauder can raise his shield to block any attack you make, with the exception of when he does axe attacks, during which his eyes will flash green. This is the moment to attack, ideally using the Super Shotgun for maximum damage. Blast him the moment you see the flash, and it'll interrupt his attack, as well as hurting him. You'll actually see the Marauder become more and more damaged over time, and it'll take roughly half a dozen counters (depending in your weapon) to take him down.

It's also important to watch out for the hellhounds. These spectral orange mutts move quickly about the battlefield and will bite you if you get too close, briefly obscuring your vision when they do. They don't have much health, so a few shots will vaporize them. Swap between the Super Shotgun and a quicker weapon like the Plasma Rifle, the latter of which you can use to beat the dogs and stagger any nearby demons for Glory Kills.

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