Doom Eternal QuakeCon Details: Switch Release, PvP, and More

Doom Eternal is coming to Switch at launch.

The new Doom Eternal gameplay trailer was revealed at today's QuakeCon 2018 keynote and rather than show just one clip, Id Software went up and decided to show several. Not only only that, but Id detailed many of the game's upcoming features like invasion-style PvP, the Doom universe, and the fact that Doom Eternal is coming out on the Switch.

Id Software made a big showing for Doom Eternal at QuakeCon today. Not only were there two gameplay trailers showing off Doom Eternal's demon busting on Earth and in space, but Id also revealed that there will be a Dark Souls-like invasion style PvP where other players take control of demons and can fight with the Doom Slayer.

Id also revealed that it's no longer about making a Doom game, it's about making a Doom Universe. In that sense, Doom's mythos and world-building will be given greater priority to build out an even more expansive narrative centered around Doom and the Doom Slayer.

Lastly, Doom Eternal will launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch courtesy of Switch port masters Panic Button. The 2016 Doom was ported over to the Switch as well, but that was done after Doom had already come out. This time Doom Eternal for Switch is ready to launch alongside its counterparts.

For more, check out our Doom Eternal guide for all the latest news, release info, and more.

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