Doom on the Switch Will Include Online Multiplayer, but as a Separate Download

Doom on the Switch Will Include Online Multiplayer, but as a Separate Download

SnapMap will not be included however.

The big new announcement on yesterday's Nintendo Switch and 3DS livestream was the fact that Bethesda will be bringing over both Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Doom (2016) to the Nintendo Switch. Now according to new details, the Switch version of Doom will indeed come with multiplayer, but with a catch.


According to Engadget, Doom on the Switch will support online multiplayer but the mode will not be included in the Switch cartridge. Instead, due to file size limitations, the online multiplayer will be added as a downloadable patch which also includes all content and DLC released for other versions of the game.

If you purchase Doom digitally through the Nintendo eShop, you'll get everything in one complete, downloadable package.

Another details is that the Switch version will not include SnapMap mode, which is a map editor mode that let players create and share custom maps and gameplay mods. This is similar to how the Switch version of Skyrim does not have planned mod support at launch.

Doom comes out for the Nintendo Switch sometime this year along with Skyrim on the Switch in November. Wolfenstein 2 arrives in 2018.

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