Doom Switch Update's New Motion Controls Win Praise From Fans

Surprise update lets you utilize the Switch's gyroscope.

In a surprise move by Bethesda and developer Panic Button Games, DOOM (2016) for the Nintendo Switch received brand new motion controls in an update that went live earlier today.

The new motion controls allow you to tilt your system, JoyCons, or Switch Pro Controller for more precise aiming. Bethesda thoughtfully included an image highlighting the new feature in their blog showcasing the update.

The update won praise from fans, who likened it to Splatoon and other motion control success stories in the shooter space.

Fans were similiarly positive on Reddit. "Friendly reminder that the motion aiming kicks ass," one user wrote.

Why is everyone so happy? Because the new controls subtly add a great deal of precision to the aiming. Ars Technica has a pretty good breakdown of what exactly DOOM's motion controls bring to the table.

DOOM was released on the Switch last November. Panic Button Games did an admirable job adapting it for the less powerful platform, though they ultimately had to sacrifice resolution to maintain a smooth framerate.

Aside from motion controls, the February update fixes some smaller issues while adding multiplayer parties. It also adds an updated game icon that matches the boxart if you're finicky about those sorts of things. You can read the complete patch notes here.

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