Doomfist's First Legendary Skins are Live on the Overwatch PTR

The skins and other drops are finally live.

News by Matt Kim, .

Doomfist hit the Overwatch PTR last week, but as some players noted, he did not come with any additional cosmetic bonuses like skins. That changed today with a slew of new Doomfist sprays, voicelines, and skins that range from the usual recolors, to some sick looking Legendary drops.

Dot Esports posted a catalogue of Doomfist skins today, and while the usual recolor skins are largely skippable (unless one of them is your favorite color), the rare and Legendary skins are what people are looking for, and there are some real doozies.

Doomfist skin "Painted"

The Epic Skins include both a cheetah and a "Painted" skin which I both really dig.

Doomfist skin "Cheetah"

However, he also has a Legendary skin that turns him into a mother-flipping cyborg.

Doomfist skin "Irin"

I'm also a huge fan of his other two Legendary skins titled "Avatar" and "Spirit". The masks, along with the names of the skins, borrow from the ceremonial mask traditions, but also they just look really badass.

Doomfist skin "Avatar"

You can check out the Doomfist skins on the Overwatch PTR right now.

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