Dota 2 Now Shows Dutch Players What They're Going to Get in Their Loot Box

Loot boxes continue to change.

Dutch players in the Netherlands will now be able to see the contents of a loot box before they open it. Another blow to the loot box functionality since the Star Wars Battlefront 2 scandal that rocked the game industry last year.

The change was discovered on the Dota 2 subreddit when a Dutch player called Larhf posted a screenshot of buying a new Treasure (loot boxes in Dota 2). The screenshot showed the actual content of the treasure, which is a change from previously where it showed all the possible loot. Other Dutch players corroborated the changes with screenshots of their own.

Dota 2 treasures in the Netherlands. Source: Larhf

According to Dutch players, this doesn't mean they can just buy Treasures with the loot they want. Reportedly, the loot reveal doesn't change until they purchase the Treasure. So, if Dutch players want something else, they'll need to purchase the current Treasure first and get whatever loot is inside before moving onto the next Treasure.

Earlier this year in April, the Dutch Gaming Authority found Valve and three other video game companies of violating the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act specifically because loot boxes in their games feature "elements in them that can also be found in the gambling world." In response Valve announced to Dutch players in June that item trading and Steam Marketplace functions will be disabled for games like Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Other companies like Psyonix have started revealing loot box drop odds in Rocket League while companies like EA have removed loot boxes completely from their games old and upcoming. The effects of last year's loot box controversy kickstarted by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has already changed the loot box policies of many video game companies. Others have adopted battle passes, which let players win predetermined rewards after completing specific milestones.

So far Valve's Dota 2 Treasure changes only effect Dutch players in the Netherlands. But other countries like Belgium have also ruled against loot boxes. The United States hasn't come out as strongly against loot boxes but also pushed for more regulation in light of the Battlefront 2 controversy.

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