Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Features Adventure Time's Creator

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Features Adventure Time's Creator

Pendleton Ward joins Double Fine's annual game development free-for-all.

Occasionally, indie developer Double Fine Productions takes two weeks off and lets every single member of the studio come up with their best game ideas. The process is called Amnesia Fortnight and acts as an internal game jam for the studio. Back in 2012, Double Fine opened its doors and let fans vote on which games would survive AF2012 and become working prototypes. One of the winners from that year, Spacebase DF-9, even moved on into its own full-fledged title on Steam Early Access.

Now Double Fine is reaching out to the fans again, this time with help from the crew at Humble Bundle. Amnesia Fortnight 2014 features 29 game ideas from Double Fine team members and an additional four ideas from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward.

Here's how it all works this year: you head on over to the Amnesia Fortnight 2014 page, watch all the pitch videos, and then contribute a little money to vote on the best ones. Some of the money is going to charity and your contribution nets you the AF2012 prototypes and this year's final prototypes. Exceed the current donation average and you can also vote on which Pendleton Ward game is the best! Pay above $35.00 to get the AF2014 documentary on Blu-Ray, as filmed and crafted by 2 Player Productions. Ten finalist pitches will be announced on February 10th and three of the games will be turned into working prototypes.

If you don't want to watch all 33 pitches, I'm here to make the process a bit easier for you. I've highlighted some of my favorite pitches and included trailers for those titles. The full list of pitches is below:

Pendelton Ward's Pitches

Damnit Jerry

Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp

Little Pink Best Buds

No More McDonalds

I'm just really excited about playing fast zombies. It's like a cartoony Natural Selection.

Double Fine's Pitches

Astro Helmet

Dum Sim

Dim Sum is an art that should not be forgotten and I'm crazy about simple sims like Kairosoft's games.

Eras of Adventure


Project ? (Xing)

Smash Bros with wicked spell effects. I can't turn that down.


Dear Leader

You have to love the Strangelove inspiration in a dictator sim.

Gone Astray


Humans: A Study Guide

Bad Golf 2

What Could Go Wrong

I enjoy my 80's horror films, so I'm interested to see where this pitch goes.

The Last Missile Commander



FTL, but you can actually control your boarders. Tis' an idea whose time has come.





Sounds vaguely like what I wanted - but didn't get - from Spore.


Great Spirits

Cat in a Box


I'm on the edge on this one. Sounds cool, but reminds me a lot of Journey in concept.


Buried Metropolis

Mega Rad Karate Troopers

Sentai Strategy Game. This is the one that had me donating immediately. This needs to be made.

The White Witch's Gnome War


Jet Girl & Ghost Dog

The game has an Earthbound feel, which is intentional.

Disagree with my choices? Comment beside your favorites! But whatever you do, vote for Mega Rad Karate Troopers. I'll be glad you did. Hopefully you will too, but that's less important in this situation.

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