Download an Exclusive Song From the Indie Hit Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

An exclusive track just for our readers.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a game about the old, mythic Americana and everything from the visuals to the music is designed to evoke the country's storied past. USgamer has an exclusive download of the track 'Howl' from the game's soundtrack from composer Ryan Ike

Featuring guitar played by Joshua Du Chene, Ike says that 'Howl' is the theme he composed for Dire Wolf, the mythical narrator voiced by the musician Sting. In Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Dire Wolf curses the player, forcing them to wander America and collect and share stories "in hopes of a chance at redemption."

You can listen to the track below. You can download the track for free from our SoundCloud page.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a recent indie game from developer Dim Bulb Games that tries to tell and share stories about the old America. In turn, the game asks you to collect and share your own stories, drawing upon centuries of folklore traditions that America was built on.

While our Where the Water Tastes Like Wine review found the game's "onerous pace" at odds with its overall strengths, there's no doubt that the game's visuals and sound leaves a striking impression on the player. So if a game about a more mythic America in the old of John Steinbeck interests you, check out Where the Water Tastes Like Wine which is available now on PC.

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