Downwell Creator Joins Nintendo

A new well.

News by Matt Kim, .

Downwell creator Ojiro "Moppin" Fumoto announced that he has joined Nintendo.

In a tweet, Fumoto wrote in Japanese that he started working at Nintendo. Previously he developed the indie hit Downwell, which first came out on iOS back in 2015. It has since been released on other platforms like PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2016. Downwell is exactly what it says on the tin, with the player controlling a character that is going down a well, while destroying enemies and obstacles with their gun shoes.

Fumoto actually started making Downwell while studying opera singing at the Tokyo University of the Arts. However, Fumoto switched paths and decided to pursue game development, teaching himself through online tutorials. Based on Downwell itself, I say Fumoto is a rather good hire by Nintendo.

No word yet on what Fumoto will be working on or what role he'll be taking at Nintendo.

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  • Avatar for link6616 #1 link6616 5 months ago
    Downwell was an excellent mobile, maybe he'll be there for some great Mobile projects.

    (although expect super mario fall first?)
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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup #2 Godots17thCup 5 months ago
    It's a bit of a shame that Fumoto won't be working on UFO 50 anymore, but Downwell was a phenomenal game and I have no doubt he will be a part of great things at Nintendo.Edited January 2018 by Godots17thCup
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #3 SatelliteOfLove 5 months ago
    "Fumoto actually started making Downwell while studying opera singing at the Tokyo University of the Arts."

    Detroit Metal City: The Video Game

    But yah, he'll be doing SOMETHING of note seeing as they went after him.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #4 Wellman2nd 5 months ago
    Congratulations to a guy who I don't know.
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