Dr DisRespect's Return to Streaming Crashed Twitch

Dr DisRespect's Return to Streaming Crashed Twitch

The doctor is in. Wait no, he's out.

Today marks Guy "Dr DisRespect" Beahm's return to Twitch and video game streaming, and it seems his fans were eager to see the mustachioed host's much hyped comeback. So much so that the traffic coming into his channel actually crashed Twitch's website.

Beahm scheduled his first show since December for 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET, but after 10 minutes on air his channel apparently broke Twitch. His channel is currently live and running with nearly 350,000 viewers as of this writing, with viewers still logging in to see him play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Watch live video from DrDisRespectLIVE on www.twitch.tv

Beahm, who made waves as the PUBG-playing persona Dr DisRespect, originally left Twitch back in December of last year after admitting to his viewers candidly and out-of-character that he cheated on his wife. Beahm said that he would be focusing on his family and taking personal time off. He later announced his return to Twitch in a cryptic video posted on Twitter last month.

It seems that the time off has not damaged Dr DisRespect's popularity, as demonstrated by how the wave of viewers broke the streaming platform where Beahm first achieved popularity.

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