Dr. Mario World's First Month Falls Short of Other Nintendo Mobile Games

Dr. Mario World's First Month Falls Short of Other Nintendo Mobile Games

Seems like nothing can ever top Fire Emblem.

Nintendo's most recent mobile outing didn't see quite as much success as other efforts. Dr. Mario World, the pill-dropping puzzle game for phones, fell short of other Nintendo mobile titles in its first month in all but one respect: installs.

According to data from analyst site Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World came in at just $1.4 million in revenue within its first month. That's a fair bit of change, until compared to the rest of Nintendo's catalog; the next highest in its first month is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which took in $13.6 million, and even that's a far stretch from the leader of the pack, Fire Emblem Heroes at a whopping $67.6 million. Only a small fraction of that was me re-rolling for Lucina.

While Dr. Mario World trailed in revenue, it did surpass Dragalia Lost in installs, coming in at 7.4 million for the first month. But calculated out by revenue-per-install, Dr. Mario World only made an average of 19 cents per install, whereas Dragalia Lost's 1.6 million first-month install base spent $26.4 million.

All of these numbers essentially mean that Dr. Mario World has fallen short of the mark compared to Nintendo's other mobile offerings. It's a surprise, given the Mario brand is stamped on it and the puzzles seem genuinely engaging. But it's also possible that players were turned away by Dr. Mario World's overly mobile monetization scheme. While other games have meters on your gameplay as well, like Fire Emblem Heroes, it's felt in Dr. Mario World very fast. It looks like Dr. Mario World is going to lag behind the rest of the mobile pack for a while.

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