Dragon Age Inquisition Haven Side Quests

Dragon Age Inquisition Haven Side Quests

Complete all of the side quests across all the locales Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Haven Side Quests

Here you'll learn about some Haven's best and brightest, and how they can help you on your journey.

1. Haven's Best and Brightest

Quest Contact: None
Description: Explore Haven and spend some time meeting the Inquisition's crafting masters.
Requirements: Quest available after meeting the war council
Reward: 50 XP


  • Talk to the smith
  • Talk to the researcher
  • Talk to the quartermaster
  • Talk to the apothecary

There are four people you need to speak to in order to complete this quest, and doing so will unlock several other quests that you can then dive into.

Just outside the main gate you'll find Harritt, the blacksmith. He's the person who crafted the armor you're currently wearing, and it's also here that you can craft new weapons and armor, as well as alter your existing gear. Talk to Harritt about different aspects of his job to unlock two additional side quests in Haven: The Right Armor and Piece by Piece.

Next up you'll need to speak to Adan, the apothecary, who you can find on the west side of Haven, a short distance away from Solas. Adan is responsible with providing potions to the Inquisition, and you can come here to craft new ones using recipes and herbs. Speaking with Adan will unlock the Passing Notes and Mixing Potions side quests.

The third person you need to speak with is Threnn, the quartermaster. She can be found near the tent outside of the chantry, and is responsible for fulfilling requisitions. Threnn will provide you with a list of items the Inquisition needs. By finding some iron and a logging site you can complete the Requisition for Weapons quest.

Lastly, speak to the researcher, Minaeve, located in the chantry within Josephine's office. Some of your foes will drop unique collectibles, and returning them to Minaeve will allow you to learn more about them and earn combat bonuses. If you interact with the table next to the researcher and deposit some items, you can instantly complete the Know Thy Enemy side quest.

2. The Right Armor

Quest Contact: Harritt in Haven
Description: Having the right materials will allow the blacksmith to craft some quality armor.
Requirements: Quest available after completing Haven's Best and Brightest
Reward: New armor


  • Have armor crafted

Typically you would find the materials required to craft new armor throughout your journey, but to get you started Harritt has some in a crate nearby. This will give you enough material to craft some new armor, and using the schematic determines the appearance and possible power. When you're done, the side quest will be complete.

3. Piece by Piece

Quest Contact: Harritt in Haven
Description: In addition to crafting new gear, the blacksmith can alter existing armor
Requirements: Quest available after completing Haven's Best and Brightest
Reward: Modified armor


  • Modify existing armor

In order to complete this very basic quest, loot the crate next to the Craft Weapons table, finding an armor upgrade inside. Move to the Modify Armor table, upgrading your existing armor's stats and appearance. For this you should be able to use the armor you crafted in the previous quest, The Right Armor. Once you've confirmed your choices you'll have completed the quest.

4. Passing Notes

Quest Contact: Adan in Haven
Description: Retrieve Taigen's notes and bring them back to Adan.
Requirements: Quest available after scouting the Hinterlands
Reward: 100 XP, Regeneration potion recipe


  • Find Taigen's notes
  • Return the notes to Adan

This quest becomes available after choosing the "Need any help?" conversation option when you are speaking with Adan. Following your conversation with the apothecary and selecting the quest, head out for the purple mark on your quest map. As you get closer, a pulsing blue ring will appears around the compass, a tell-tale sign that a hidden object is near. Press the button indicated on your screen to start searching, causing a gold ring to form near your character's feet. You should also notice that gold ring will grow brighter along one edge, pointing in the direction that you can find the object. After finally retrieving Taigen's notes, take them to Adan to complete the quest.

5. Mixing Potions

Quest Contact: Adan in Haven
Description: A previously recovered recipe will allow for a new potion to be mixed at the station.
Requirements: Quest available after completing Passing Notes
Reward: 50 XP


  • Visit a potion loadout station

As soon as you've completed the Passing Notes quest, interact with the Equip Potions table that sits next to the apothecary, Adan. This will allow you to interact with the Potion Belt menu, and it's here that you can assign and replenish potions for various party members. Select the empty potion slot and assign the previously learned regeneration potion to it. This will require one elfroot, a common herb that can be found outside of Haven and in multiple locales. When you exit the Potion Belt menu the quest will be complete.

6. Know Thy Enemy

Quest Contact: None
Description: Items recovered in conflict can be studied to provide knowledge of certain enemies.
Requirements: Quest available after scouting the Hinterlands
Reward: 50 XP


  • Give Minaeve an item to research

This quest was most likely completed during Haven's Best and Brightest. If you interact with the table next to the researcher, Minaeve. Items that can be researched can be looted from some of your fallen foes. If you didn't find any during your advance to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, return later to complete this quest.

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