Dragon Age Inquisition Val Royeaux Side Quests

Dragon Age Inquisition Val Royeaux Side Quests

Complete all of the side quests across all the locales Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Val Royeaux Side Quests

After the monster that was the Hinterlands, the city of Val Royeaux is probably the smallest area in the game. There are only two side quests that begin in the Val Royeaux area, and both of give you the option to add party members to your growing group of mages, rogues and warriors. Both quests can be done fairly early in the game, so your level shouldn't have a big impact on whether or not you can complete these quests.

1. A Friend of Red Jenny

Quest Contact: Arrow message
Description: The strange message, delivered via arrow, said there is an enemy of the Inquisition waiting to strike Val Royeaux. It said to search the market, café and docks for things that are red.
Requirements: Address the clerics in Val Royeaux
Reward: Party Member - Sera (Rogue)


  • Examine the message
  • Search by the dock
  • Search in the café
  • Search the upper market
  • Fend off the guards

When you first reach Val Royeaux, head toward the main square to initiate a cut-scene with Mother Hevara and the Templars. When you attempt to leave the square after the cut-scene concludes, someone fires an arrow with a note attached in your general direction. Read the note to begin the quest.

Search for red satchels at each of the three locations marked on your map. If you have trouble reaching the upper market area, head to the southwest side of the market to find the path. With all three satchels located, use the world map to travel to the Secluded Courtyard. Defeat the small group of enemies that attack, then head through the door to the west to initiate another cut-scene. Defeat one more group of enemies after the cut-scene and Sera will join your party.

2. The Imperial Enchanter

Quest Contact: Circle Mage Messenger
Description: Vivienne de Fer, the First Enchanter of Montsimmard, extended an invitation to her salon at the chateau of Duke Bastien de Ghyslain.
Requirements: Address the clerics in Val Royeaux
Reward: Party Member - Vivienne de Fer (Mage)


  • Attend the salon

Speak with the Circle Mage Messenger standing in the middle of the main market in Val Royeaux to begin this quest. Use the world map to travel to the Ghyslain Estate to initiate another cut-scene. This cut-scene determines whether or not you'll allow the mages to assist you. Choose to allow the mages in and you'll be able to add Vivienne to your party and automatically get transported back to Haven.

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