Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Round-up: Bandai Namco be Krillin it

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Round-up: Bandai Namco be Krillin it

This much-anticipated Dragon Ball fighting game isn't a hard Cell for fans of the franchise.

Got the Monday Blahs? Cheer up. At least Dragon Ball FighterZ looks to be as cool as you hope it'll be.

The first reviews are in for the much-anticipated fighting game by Bandai Namco and Arc System Works, and the verdict is good. Seems Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't just a great fighting game by itself; it's also hands-down the best Dragon Ball game to be released in ages.

This is indeed a game for the fans. Metro Gaming warns Dragon Ball FighterZ's thick fanservice might serve as a barrier for entry for newcomers, but established Dragon Ball lovers will have an incredible time.

Yamcha has exclusive use of the move "Play Dead in a Crater."

"You don't need to have read or seen anything of [Dragon Ball] to enjoy the action, but the game is so committed in its fan service that it can all be a little intimidating; especially if you don't know who any of the characters are," the 9-out-of-10 review states. "If you already are a Dragon Ball fan though you might as well stop reading now, because this is your dream video game tie-in.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best one-on-one fighters ever made."

Here's what other reviews have to say about Goku n' Pals' Great Big Beat-em-Up. Look for USgamer's review very soon, and grab the game for yourself when it comes out on January 26 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

EGM (9/10)
[LINK] "As I progressed through the story, started seeing which characters I liked the most, and mastered the basics, I found myself striving to truly understand how to look for chances to block and counter. Overall, it was a rare experience where I could see myself, and others less experienced in the genre, training to become an online competitor."

IGN (8.5/10)
[LINK] "[W]hen you’re matched with another player of the same skill, FighterZ is fast, fluid, and cerebral. It hits that sweet spot of being easy to learn, but hard to master, but most importantly, it feels like Dragon Ball."

FANDOM (4/5)
[LINK] Developer ArcSystemWorks hasn’t sacrificed depth for that accessibility, yet at the same time FighterZ mechanics aren’t quite as nuanced as, say, Marvel vs Capcom. Experienced fighting game players will be able to master the manual combos and hit the offensive skill ceiling quickly, but refreshingly, FighterZ looks to be a game where even novices can catch up.

[LINK] "About the only real disappointment is the roster. 24 characters is fine in a 1v1, but in a 3v3 game that’s quite sparse, and with a good chunk of them being quite samey, if you’re not a fan of the series. The universal combos and one button auto combos also make quite a lot of the characters feel quite similar to control, too and it’s only when you really get into the game you start to feel the actual differences."

DESTRUCTOID (Review in Progress)
[LINK] "There's a story mode here as well. It's mainly going to be a draw for series fans, as it's there to set a few cutscenes while moving along a board to get into fights (much like the Dragon World mode in Budokai 2). It has plenty of new content that fans will enjoy, especially once it reveals the origins of the new character Android 21. (…) It's nice not to have to play through the events of the series once more, but the original story here is all kinds of Dragon Ball nonsense not many will take seriously."

GAME INFORMER (Review in Progress)
[LINK] "Overall, I'm surprised at how well FighterZ manages to pull off most of its goals, and the way it melds accessible and deep without making either camp feel ostracized is truly impressive in a genre that usually makes onboarding an afterthought."

GAMESPOT (Review in Progress)
[LINK] "Where past games attempted to get there through huge character rosters and deliberately predictable trips down memory lane, FighterZ has bottled the essence of what makes the series' characters, animation, and sense of humor so beloved and reconfigured it into something new: a Dragon Ball fighting game that can go toe-to-toe with the best of the genre."

Are you a beginner in need of some tips? We can help you, and we can probably do it without getting as drunk and lecherous as Master Roshi.

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