Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Collect and Use Z Orbs

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Collect and Use Z Orbs

You’ll come across literally thousands of Z Orbs while flying around the world of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Here’s how to collect and use them.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot spans a huge part of the Dragon Ball Z story, facing players off against iconic enemies like Frieza, Vegeta and Majin Buu. There’s also an open world to explore, with a plethora of side activities to take on and secrets to find. While out exploring DBZ’s kooky take on planet Earth you’ll no doubt notice that the environment is littered with floating orbs of different colors and sizes. These are Z Orbs and are well worth collecting. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Z Orbs?

You’ll run into Z Orbs once you’re let loose and are free to explore in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They’re found pretty much everywhere in the game and come in a few different colors and sizes. You’ll want to collect as many as you can, let us explain why.

How to Collect Them

Collecting Z Orbs is super easy. All you need to do is fly into them and your character will pick them up. There are also large rings of Z Orbs. Strangely, flying through the middle of them won’t always collect them all so you may have to circle back. An easy way to ensure you get them all is to press Y/Triangle as you pass through to spin your character, collecting them all. There are also Time Orbs which, once you’ve flown through them, will trigger a stream of Orbs that you can fly through and collect. You will only have a set amount of time to do so however, so make sure you’re quick.

What Are the Different Types?

Not counting Time Orbs, there are six types of Z Orbs to collect. Here’s where to find each type:

  • Red - near desert or mountainous areas
  • Green - near forests
  • Blue - near water
  • Rainbow - found in hard to reach places
  • Purple - near cities
  • Silver/Gold - rare

Here’s What Z Orbs Are Used For

You’ll need to use Z Orbs to unlock new skills. Different skills will require different amounts and types of Orbs, and as you level up you’ll need to spend more and rarer ones to get the best skills. You can head to the training points to unlock new skills with Z Orbs, indicated by a column of blue light. For example, there'sone outside Goku’s house for you to see what they look like.

Farming Rainbow Z Orbs

Rainbow Z Orbs are a little trickier to find in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They are needed to unlock some of the last few skills in the game, and as such are pretty hard to find. There are a couple of ways to farm them though, which we’ve outlined below.

  • Look for Phantom Airways while exploring - there are gold rings in the sky when you enter an area. Fly through them to collect a bunch of rare orbs.
  • Timed Z Orbs - we explained Timed Z Orbs earlier, you just need to activate them and collect all of the orbs that appear before the timer runs out. There are often rare orbs at the end of these lines.

That’s all of the info we have on Z Orbs. For help with grinding out XP, head here. For a look at whether or not you can change the difficulty, head here.

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