Dragon Quest 11 Switch Includes a Much-Requested Feature

Return to your roots.

Though Dragon Quest 11 on the Nintendo Switch seemed like a fairy tale for quite some time, yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation told us pretty much everything we need to know about the epic RPG's impending arrival.

Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition (how's that for a title) is coming this Fall, and it's bringing a heap of new features with it. We're looking at new story content, a fully orchestrated soundtrack, and more. But there's one option that should prove welcome for Western fans in particular: The option to switch to classic 16-bit graphics.

See, Dragon Quest 11 was released on the Nintendo 3DS as well as the PlayStation 4 in Japan, but Western territories didn't receive the 3DS game. A lot of fans were disappointed about the omission because Dragon Quest 11 for the 3DS doesn't just feature a charmingly scaled-down art style; it also includes a 16-bit style "map" that rolls across the bottom screen as you play. While the Definitive Edition of Dragon Quest 11 doesn't contain the 3DS iteration's 3D graphics, it does let you play on the 2D 16-bit map. That's pretty awesome.

I'm stoked about seeing Dragon Quest 11 in a 16-bit style, though I doubt I'll want to relive the entire game in that funky retro style. For one thing, random encounters appear to be present. Hey, look, Dragon Quest 5 is a 16-bit Dragon Quest game, and it's one of the best RPGs ever made, but I'm OK with leaving random encounters in the '90s. That said, there ain't no sprite work like 16-bit sprite work. Looking forward to seeing my favorite monsters from Dragon Quest 11 after they've had one dimension ripped away from them.

Dragon Quest 11 S should prove a worthwhile purchase this Fall. Dragon Quest 11 is an excellent RPG and being able to tote it around will only make it better. If you missed out on Dragon Quest 11 the first time, now's your chance to make things right.

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