Dragon Quest 7 3DS Champion Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Champion Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Everything you need to know about the Champion vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Champion vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS is an advanced job class that trains up masters of the sword and the fist. Champions have access to excellent buffs, debuffs, healing spells, and powerful attack magic. They also learn skills that are handy against undead and metal-plated enemies.

How to become a Champion: Visit Alltrades Abbey and make the switch after mastering the Gladiator and Paladin vocations. Learn everything you need to know about the Gladiator vocation here, and everything you need to know about the Paladin vocation here.

Stat boosts and detriments: Champions see boosts to most of their base stats, particularly their Strength. Their max MP takes a small hit, however.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One:
Selflessness (Shield an ally for one round)
Thin Air (Attack all enemies with wind magic)
Boulder Toss (Damage all enemies with a huge rock)
Double Up (Increase the user's attack at the cost of their defense)

Level Two:
Falcon Slash (Hit one enemy twice at 70% power)
Multislice (Damage all enemies with a blade attack)
Double-Edged Slash (Deal big damage to an enemy, but suffer a portion of that damage in turn)
Undead Undoer (Deals 50% more damage to undead enemies like zombies and skeletons)
Metal Slash (Pierces the hard hides of metal enemies)
Gust Slash (Performs a wind attack on one enemy)
Toxic Dagger (An attack that may poison the enemy)
Helm Splitter (Attack an enemy and attempt to lower its defense)

Level Three: Pearly Gates / Multifists (Deals big wind-type damage to enemies / Conducts four successive attacks against four random enemy targets)

Level Four: Drain Magic / Magic Barrier (Absorb the MP from an enemy spell / Boost your allies' magic defense)

Level Five: Kasap / Kabuff / Oomph (Lower an enemy group's physical defense / Bolster your allies' physical defenses / Double an ally's attack power)

Level Six:
Kamikazee (Destroy all enemies at the cost of the user's life)
Multiheal (Heal all allies for around 100 HP)
Kazing (Return a fallen ally to life with full health)
Kerplunk (Revives fallen allies at the cost of the user's life)

Level Seven: Gigaslash (Hits a group of enemies with a massive holy attack)

Level Eight: Blade of Ultimate Power (Bash a single enemy with a huge attack)

Usefulness: Creating a Champion is no small feat, but as you might expect, the investment is worth it. The Champion is a powerful attacker as well as an accomplished healer. Multiheal and Kazing are invaluable against tough bosses, but if all else fails, Kamikazee and Kerplunk can tip the scales in your favor.

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