Dragon Quest 7 3DS Druid Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Druid Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Everything you need to know about the Druid vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Druid vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS is an advanced job class that specializes in devastating magical attacks. Known as the "Summoner" in the original Dragon Warrior VII translation for the PlayStation, Druids are also capable of calling up powerful mythical allies to assist in fights.

How to become a Druid: Visit Alltrades Abbey and make the switch after mastering the Sage and Luminary vocations. Learn about the Sage vocation here and the Luminary vocation here.

Stat boosts and detriments: As might be expected from such a magic-oriented class, the Druid enjoys significant boosts to Wisdom, max MP, and even Agility. However, they also take a hit in Max HP and Strength.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One:
Drain Magic (Steal MP from an enemy)
Oomph (Double an ally's attack power for a while)
Insulate (Give the party some protection from fire and ice attacks)
Magic Barrier (Give the party some protection from magic attacks)
Kaclang (Turn allies into iron, preventing enemy attacks)
Meditation (Heal user for about 80 HP)
Kerplunk Dance (A dance that resurrects all fallen allies at the cost of the caster's life)
Cursed Verse (Causes all enemies' defense to drop)
Gritty Ditty (Raises allies' defense)
Harvest Moon (Hit all enemies with a spinning attack)
Focus Pocus (Restore some MP)

Level Two:
Kafrizzle (Hit a single enemy with huge fire damage)
Kasizzle (Hit a group of enemies with heavy fire damage)
Kaboom (Hit all enemies with a heavy explosion)
Kaswoosh (Hit a group of enemies with big wind damage)
Maelstrom (Hit a group of foes with around 100 – 150 HP worth of water damage)
Kakrackle (Throw huge icicles at all enemies for heavy damage)
Kathwack (Attempt to kill all enemies outright)
Kasnooze (Hit all enemies with a powerful sleep spell)

Level Three: Kazing / Hustle Dance / Disruptive Wave (Revive one fallen ally with full HP / Restore around 50 HP to all party members / Remove all buffs and debuffs from the battlefield)

Level Four:
Pyre O' Fire (Hit one enemy with a tower of flame)
Magma Blast (Hit all enemies with moderate fire damage)
King Fissure (Attempt to pull all enemies into a massive hole)
Summon (Summon a deity to assist in battle)

Level Five: Lightning Storm (Hit all enemies with lightning for around 200 – 290 HP worth of electrical damage)

Level Six: Hellfire (Hit all enemies for about 200 – 250 HP worth of fire damage)

Level Seven: Big Banga (Hit all enemies for about 200 – 300 HP worth of damage)

Leven Eight: That Special Summon (Summon a deity to fight alongside you)

Usefulness: If you love your magic attacks, Druids should make you happy. Their attack spells are not to be trifled with, nor are their Summons. Summons also give foes an extra target to wallop, which distracts them from the rest of your party – not that they can expect to do much damage. The Druid doesn't have much in the way of healing magic, though Hustle Dance will do the job in a pinch.

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